Training Will it be a sports bra-only summer?

Will it be a sports bra-only summer?


Summer’s unofficially here and now, there’s a whole new wave of sports bras that will have you ditching your racer back.

By: Karen Kwan

The last few years, brands have really stepped it up in the sports bra department—using the straps to create cool patterns, designing fun prints ranging from florals to edgy graphics, and incorporating a mix of textures including mesh and fabrics with high shine, for example. And although a handful of women run and work out with just the sports bra on with nothing worn on top of it, based on what I’ve observed in classes in Toronto (it’s still too cold here to run outdoors without a tee), most women wear a tank or a tee as well, which covers up that stylish little number.

But with spring here and summer approaching, will the warm weather have you wearing just your sports bra? It almost seems a fashion crime to cover up such well designed pieces…plus, it could be motivation to whip that core into even better shape.

Personally, I’m undecided. My main concern is chafing; I almost always run with a fuel belt and I’m pretty sure a fuel belt on a bare waist will translate into mega chafing, ouch. Also, my gut tells me running in just a sports bra will translate into much unwanted attention. If when running covered from head to toe and sweating buckets garners cat-calls, well, I can only imagine the whistles wearing just a sports bra and shorts will bring about.

Weigh in, ladies. Will you work out in your sports bra with no singlet or tee layered on top of it this season?

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