No Category selected Head-to-Toe Winter Running Wear

    Head-to-Toe Winter Running Wear


    The Christmas countdown is on! With the holidays comes family, friends, and of course, food. But thats not reason to let your fitness or running slack.

    We’ve enlisted the help of the running apparel experts over at BlackToe Running to help you hit the street and log some miles – no matter the temperature!

    We have you covered with full head to toe outfits, from temperatures ranging from 0 degrees to -20 degrees celsius.

    All of these items can be found at the BlackToe Running:

    95 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON

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    Men’s 0 Degrees Celsius

    Sugoi Titan Core Long-Sleeve

    Nike Men’s Impossibly Light Running Jacket

    Nike Dri-Fit Flash Men’s Running Tight

    Saucony Life On The Run Fast Track Short

    ICNY Orbit 5-Panel Cap

    Balega Second Skin Fit Ultralight Sock

    MensWarm-no flash


    Women’s 0 Degrees Celsius

    Sugoi Fusion Core Long-Sleeve

    Sugoi Versa Jacket (shown as vest with sleeves removed)

    Sugoi Ignite Pattern Tight

    Sugoi MidZero Pattern Headwarmer

    Sugoi Verge Run Glove

    Balega Second Skin Fit Ultralight Sock

    WomensWarm-no flash


    Mens -5 to -10 Degrees Celsius

    Nike Men’s Dri-Fit Contrast Knit Running Shirt

    Sugoi Speedster 4 Half-Zip

    Sugoi MidZero Tight

    Sugoi Wallaroo Tuke

    ICNY Reflective Knit Merino Glove

    ICNY Reflective Mini Stripe Half Calf Sock

    MensWarmer-no flash


    Womens -5 to -10 Degrees Celsius

    Mizuno Heat Generating (Breath Thermo) Double Knit Full-Zip Hoodie

    New Balance High Viz Beacon Jacket

    Mizuno Heat Generating (Breath Thermo) Tight

    Sugoi Verve Beanie

    Sugoi Zap Run Glove

    Mizuno Breath Thermo Sock

    WomensWarmer-no flash


    Mens -20 Degrees Celsius

    Mizuno Heat Generating (Breath Thermo) Seamless Long Sleeve

    Mizuno Heat Generating (Breath Thermo) Jacket

    Sugoi Midzero Wind Boxer

    Mizuno Heat Generating (Breath Thermo) Tight

    Sugoi MidZero Balaclava

    Sugoi RSR Zero Glove

    Balega Blister Resist Sock

    MensWarmest-no flash


    Womens -20 Degrees Celsius

    Sugoi Wallaroo Long Sleeve Base Layer

    New Balance Impact Hoodie

    Nike Shieldrunner Women’s Running Jacket

    Sugoi MidZero Bun Toaster

    Sugoi SubZero Zap Tight

    Watuko Bamboo Headgear

    Sugoi Wind Mitt

    Balega Enduro Low Cut Sock

    WomensWarmest-no flash