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    yesterday’s nooner and leave comments for hoodie


    >> crammed in a quick run over lunch yesterday. wasn’t as long as I’d hoped it to be but I’ll take what I can get.

    time: 20:11
    distance: 2.15M (3.44km)
    pace: 9:23/M (5:53/km)
    calories: 243
    run notes: the evil left knee pain has returned. it’s my own fault, I’ve been neglecting my foam roller the last month and now my IT band is calling me on it. tonight, after beer and wings, I’ll spend some serious quality time with my foam roller and we can be friends again. IT band hates the foam roller parties but I run much better for them.

    >> cross-training – played indoor soccer last night.  it was a loss but on the plus side, there were no subs for the girls so I played the full game.

    time: 50mins
    goals scored: 0
    effort level (scale of 1-10, w/ 10 being highest effort): 7
    cross-training notes: knee didn’t protest much, if at all. I didn’t warm up, I didn’t stretch, basically I did everything wrong and yet, my knee wasn’t complaining. I don’t understand it. I had a good game, although I didn’t play as well has I have for the last couple weeks. made a few amateur mistakes on defense but made some good runs to help out on offense.

    >> since readers can’t leave comments right now, I’ve created an email address you can contact me at to leave comments and ask questions: please drop me a line and I’ll address questions and topics as they come up.

    >> it’s beautifully warm out there (well, at least here in Southwestern Ontario) so get out and run today and tell about it! happy running.


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