No Category selected You can run for CanILF on Ottawa Race Weekend

    You can run for CanILF on Ottawa Race Weekend


    The Canadian International Learning Foundation (CanILF) is putting together a fundraising team for Ottawa Race Weekend, and they’re looking for runners!  If you’re running one of the races and are looking to give back, you might want to consider this worthwhile cause.

    CanILF is an Ottawa-based charity that works to provide post-secondary education in areas affected by war, illness and poverty.  One of their main successes is the financial support they have provided to Afghan School Project – the school, located in Kandahar, has provided courses in business, management, information technology and more, and has resulted in over 500 graduates obtaining employment or promotions since it began in 2007.  While the school is open to all students, there is a focus on providing educational opportunities to women, taking a grassroots approach to turning systemic poverty and discrimination on its head.  CanILF also trains mentors in Canada and abroad, provides scholarships and educational equipment, and offers online courses.

    Another great thing about CanILF is that, as far as raising money for charity, it’s a pretty good bang for the buck!  The cost to provide educational opportunities in these areas is only $10-25 per student per month, so they’re hoping runners will raise about $60 each – not a huge stretch for the average fundraising amateur.  It’s also an opportunity to support our Canadian Forces mission, in a round-about way; the common goal is to support the rebuilding of Afghanistan, and CanILF’s programs are a great opportunity for the average, non-enlisted Canadian to help out.

    To learn more, visit the CanILF website, and check out the press release below:


    Join the Canadian International Learning Foundation’s Race Weekend Team!

    Are you taking part in Ottawa’s Race Weekend? Would you like to help students struggling to overcome war and poverty? If so, you can join the Canadian International Learning Foundation (CanILF) Ottawa Race Weekend Team and help provide scholarships for students in Afghanistan and Uganda.

    When it costs as little as $10 per month to send a student to school, you don’t have to raise a lot of money to make a big difference. We’re looking for runners to join our Team to raise money for scholarships, with the suggested goal of raising $60 per runner. We’re hoping to send at least four students to school for a year – half at the Afghan-Canadian Community Center in Kandahar, and half at the Kabira Adult Attention and School of Orphans in the Rakai District of Uganda.

    CanILF is a volunteer charity that mentors educators and provides student scholarships and educational equipment at partner schools in areas affected by war, illness and poverty – to learn more, visit Ottawa Race Weekend is the perfect opportunity for runners (and walkers) of all types to get together to raise awareness about this important cause.

    Want to join our Team? Then e-mail us and we’ll provide you with a fundraising and information package that you can send to family, friends and co-workers. We’ll be holding a post-Race party for Team Members – refreshments included – to thank everyone who took part.

    To sign up, please contact Ryan at