Training 10 Running Safety Tips Brought to You By AfterShokz

10 Running Safety Tips Brought to You By AfterShokz


November was National Runner’s Safety Month and we teamed up with AfterShokz Canada to giveaway a pair of AfterShokz Trekz Titanium headphones to two lucky winners. Congratulations to give-away winners, Cathy V (aka @runningdesigner) and Mike Walters who shared their best running safety tips, along with many more road runners and trial blazers. As the days get a little colder and darker earlier, you can still get your kicks you just need to be a little more mindful when you run.

ONE: For those of us who wear hearing aids, open-ear design means we no longer have to run without music.–Peter Symons via Facebook

TWO: I always imagine I’m speaking to my son before he might head out on a run, telling him to look both ways, give way when needed and respect the road. Then, I remind myself to follow these Running Golden Rules.–Bryan Lamber via Facebook

THREE: When crossing the street and someone in a car is waiting to turn, never cross until you have made eye contact with the driver. @runningdeisgner via Instagram

FOUR: Run with a partner, especially at night. –Susan Duggan via Facebook

FIVE: Listen to your environment for safety. Listen to tunes for motivation. With these headphones, both can be done simultaneously. –David Gregory via Facebook

SIX: Always carry some type of identification with you.–Gayle Tooth via Facebook

SEVEN: Solo runners, make sure someone knows your route and your estimated finish time, it’s always good to have someone know where you are. –@crantina via Instagram

EIGHT: Be seen. Wear lights and as much reflective gear as possible.–Charlotte Flewelling via Facebook

NINE:  Trust your instincts. If something (a road, a sketchy person, the feeling someone might be following you, bad lighting) gives you the hebee geebees, turn around or go a different way.–Jana Paniccia via Facebook

TEN:When running with your pet make sure the leash is tight.–Mike Walters via Facebook

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