Gear Shoe Review: ASICS GEL-CUMULUS 26



The colour pattern of the new GEL-CUMULUS 26 from ASICS is called “evening teal,” and it’s offset with bright yellow, and the shoes feel not only comfortable, but almost elastic. With bounce and fantastic foam, the experience is one of distinct pleasure; the ride feels as if it could go on for days.

The GEL-CUMULUS is a popular line in the ASICS family, a neutral shoe built for tackling serious mileage and withstanding the elements. With a fitted upper and convex toe, the shoe acts like a cantilever, which has become a trend in the latest shoe designs. Over the course of repeated runs at varying levels—like you, I feel it’s essential for my non-race day sneakers to also be able to handle a day at the track—I found the shoe performed.

On long runs, I appreciated the stability; at shorter distances, the lightweight functionality was divine. I could both dig in at my track’s corners and accelerate, while also being able to endure 28K, with most of the distance tackled in the rain. It’s not every sneaker that can bounce back from a wet, sloppy run and be able to function precisely, but I thanked the mechanics behind the GEL-CUMULUS 26, with each 800-metre rep that I left in the dust. Clearly the materials in the shoe are top-notch and I like to see that my money goes into the product, not gimmicks. 

Moving beyond the mechanics of the shoe, I also appreciate the GEL-CUMULUS 26 aesthetics. More and more, I find motivation slippery, and a good-looking shoe does add bounce to my step. I actually have a teal hoodie—see the below photograph taken by my son—and think there’s some truth to what my old friend Duff used to say: dress like a slob, run like a slob. That might not be entirely true, but I do think it’s beneficial to put “looks” together at challenging workouts. I know when I want to run hard, it helps to be organized. I want my watch charged, my gear to fit properly, and my whole presentation to be tight. I’m also particular about socks. Good-looking sneakers are part of my mental warfare and, on this count—the GEL-CUMULUS 26 reached that mark in spades.

The ASICS GEL-CUMULUS 26 26, a new iteration of a classic model from ASICS, your 2023 Golden Sneaker award-winner for Brand of the Year, is an improvement on earlier iterations while maintaining the integrity of the line. We’ll be in March soon, which means spring races are dawning. I know what I’ll be wearing as I get ready for race day, and I feel good advising you to follow my lead.

Drops March 1st, check out a pair out at your local running retailer.