Community How Running Helped ToDoToronto Grow to 750,000 Followers on Instagram

    How Running Helped ToDoToronto Grow to 750,000 Followers on Instagram


    My name is Conrad Wong and I’ve been running almost everyday since the start of COVID. My life was good and average. I could have stayed home, played video games, and just took it easy in my mid 20s. 

    I’ve never been strong academically, but I always wanted to do something great and make the most out of all the opportunities in life. I really enjoyed my full time sales job at, but I wanted to make a positive impact on the economy outside of work. 

    One day, I started running because I felt stressed in my sales role and I needed some fresh air. I noticed that I came back home feeling motivated, positive and action-oriented. 

    I would set all my phone calls right after my run because my energy level was at my peak and I closed many deals at work between 1pm to 3pm. After work, I would have a bunch of new ideas of what to share on Todotoronto and I was able to execute my ideas which resulted in our channel reaching 100k by the end of 2020. 

    During a time where there was lots of negativity on social media, I saw an opportunity to bring more positivity through our Todotoronto page. I continued visiting a new restaurant or business every day in Toronto and made content for Todotoronto, I made sure we posted everyday seven times a day, spent eight hours everyday on Todotoronto including weekends and our account grew from 100k to 300k in 2021.

    From 2021 onwards, I was running 10 kilometres seven days a week and I came across the Toronto Marathon race in 2022. This was my third time running 21km in my life and I came in eighth place out of 3589 runners. 

    Coming in top 10 was super exciting for me, but realizing that being dedicated to something I enjoyed and achieving strong results brought even more meaning in life. 

    With 2022 being the year in Toronto when COVID restrictions got lifted, many Torontoians asked the question: “What is there to do in Toronto?” I made a goal to visit and film as many events in Downtown Toronto. With traffic being hectic, I decided to jog everywhere I go to film content while also getting my running mileage in. Not only that, we ran over 46 events since 2022 to help build a community within Toronto. 

    As of 2024, with the help of my business partner Michael Wong, we currently have 5 full time employees, 15+ contractors and our channel is currently at 745k IG followers. 

    I believe that there are still many areas for myself to develop and I’ll keep running to continue making myself a better person. It’s important we keep running into different experiences and situations in life in order to find fulfilment in life.  

    Conrad Wong is an ambassador of the Toronto Marathon, on May 5. To read more about the race, please click here.