No Category selected 16 more nautical miles (30 kms) closer to the south pole !!

    16 more nautical miles (30 kms) closer to the south pole !!


    “Ummm today was another great day, we had a bit of wind, ummm but it was basically the same slogging uphill in deep snow and I continued with just my boots today, which you can see from the photo that kevin took of my boots. That’s the configuration I’ve been wearing, the boots with the crampons; and you know my ipod was kicking in and out today. I had the solar charger on it, we had a bit of cloud so I wasn’t charging on full the whole time. Most of the day I spent thinking about Kathy and Mia, my little girl today, and ahh thinking about how I wish they could see this beautiful place as well and I could share it with them. What a great day; and walking with the guys and pushing our way uphill, making sixteen more nautical miles toward the south pole. Here’s Kevin.”

    “Hey everyone…….. It was a very beautiful day today. I too was ahh ahh walking, I got some blisters in my shoes and have not been able to ski very much so far. My hope is that now the surface is getting a little bit softer it would be much nicer to actally be on skiis, and to be able to sort of drift over the soft stuff. Umm I’m far less tough than ahhh.. than Ray. I’d be more than happy to hop on my skiis if I can, but ahh the hope for me is that I can ski tomorrow, but otherwise walking along. The walking to be perfectly honest with you isn’t all that bad. It’s ahhh beautiful out here and it’s ahh and it’s just a wonderful place to be. Talk again tomorrow.”

    16 More Nautical Miles (Audio)