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    Day 5 Almost 30 kilometers


    “Today was fantastic, we covered fifteen point nine nautical miles. Which is approximately thirty kilometers, twenty nine and a half kilometers…. You know right in the range that we want to be at this point ummm.. It was a beautiful sunny day, we had a great time errr, you know snaking our way, dragging our sleds. Of course because it’s so sunny we’re able to use the solar panels that we have on our sleds to charge all of our equipment as we made our way up to camp tonight. So it was and absolutely spectacular day, I think we are starting to get a bit fitter and things are coming together. So Hi to everybody and here’s Kevin.”

    “Hey y’all, umm we are actually sticking to a schedule now of our first march is ahhh is two and a half hours, we take a fifteen minute break and then follow that with a two hour, two hour, and two hour march, each with a fifteen minute break between, so it’s doing eight and a half hours of work. Ahh we plan to up that in the near future, our speeds are really good, we’re still very tired when we come in, but we are getting fitter, we’re still psyched, that’s all that matters, we’re having fun, talk to you tomorrow.”

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