Training Gift Guide on the Run: Pook Feature

Gift Guide on the Run: Pook Feature


Looking for the perfect gift for pretty much everyone you know? Look no further than This Canadian company knows how to keep you warm all winter long. I’m a big fan of the adult onesie. I get one every year from my mom for Christmas. There’s nothing more comforting than a being covered head to toe in flannel and feeling like a kid again.

Recently I’ve been chillin’ at home in my new Pook onesie. Right away, this is the best-made onesie I’ve had. I could tell quality was key with this company. I went with the red and black tartan design, but there are a ton more options available online. Their designs will suit just about anybody on your list.

My issue with adult onesies is they always forget at least one important piece of the puzzle. Last year my Wonder Woman onesie didn’t have a back door option. The year before that my Mickey Mouse onesie had feet, but forgot the non-slip features, so I slipped a lot! Pook got it all right, the first time. A big durable zipper, a hoodie, pockets for stuff (Iphone), and a velcro back door! Even better, they left the feet open, so I don’t slide all over the floor, and I can pair it with my favourite slippers.


Even with the weather being almost summer like, I’ve still been diving into my onesie, turning off my heat, opening my windows and enjoying some fresh air. I can’t wait to see how much money I saved this past month!


On top of the onesie, I also got a pair of Pook, thigh highs. We’re going to get a little sexy here kids. Want to spice up Christmas Eve with your loved one? Walk out in a pair of these thigh highs and sparks will fly. These things are hot in more ways than one. I’ve been wearing mine all over town, more as a leg warmer when temperatures do actually drop. Will I race in these? Absolutely. The Boxing Day 10-miler is going to be a nice fun run for me, and so I plan to get festive and take my Pook thigh highs out on the course. These thigh highs are the perfect way to spice up your race outfit.


Want to get your Pook on? Check out their website for more great gifts available online:

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