Motivation The Future of Sport: 3D-Printed Running Shoes

The Future of Sport: 3D-Printed Running Shoes


3D Futurecraft is our sandbox – Paul Gaudio, Creative Director of Adidas

Imagine walking into a store, running on a treadmill for a few minutes and then purchasing a pair of personalized shoes tailored  specifically to the contours of your feet. That’s the future of sneaker buying, according to Adidas.

While still in its infancy, Adidas has steamrolled the new era of active footwear: the 3D printed, personalized running shoe.By 3D printing the midsole, Adidas promises a flexible and breathable carbon copy of the athletes foot. Customizing running shoes offers unprecedented individual support. Personalizing athletic wear sets runners up for success – matching every contour and pressure point.

A new open source partnership between Adidas and Materialise launched the “Futurecraft Series ” has placed collaboration and craftsmanship at the heart of design.

A 3D-printed shoe is the first chapter of Adidas’ innovative future craft series of forward-thinking initiatives. Executive Board Member at Adidas, Eric Liedtke holds that the future of sport points to technological innovation, “Futurecraft 3D is a prototype and a statement of intent.”

3D Futurecraft is currently in testing and limited production. Adidas has promised to reveal more about this and similar products within the next six months.

We’d love to hear from you! Will you be first in line to get the perfect, one-of-a-kind runners?