Music New Years Resolution Wind Up: Best Music Apps

New Years Resolution Wind Up: Best Music Apps


2016 is fast-approaching! With that comes the dreaded new years resolutions. All too often, we start off strong with high hopes to reach that weight-loss goal or run a marathon, but within a few months (or, lets be honest, weeks) have fallen off the band wagon. Don’t fear, iRun is here to help. We’ve curated four days of training tools to help you reach your new year’s goals – from running apps to the top running races. Check in everyday up until new years day for running tips, motivation and training tools.



8tracks is a music player curated by everyday music lovers for music lovers! Playlists can be found by simply searching a genre (pop, hip hop, etc.) and your activity (running, yoga, etc.)

Choose from over 2 million free playlists – and growing – perfectly handcrafted for your workout needs!




Songza offer’s free music (with not listening limit), easily accessible through a ‘Music Concierge’ to find the right music for your perfect workout. Browse through curated playlists organized by activity, genre, decade and mood.

Stream thousands of original playlists handmade by music experts and easily share them with friends on all social media platforms.



Spotify, much like other music apps, allows you choose from a variety of curated playlists based on genre, mood, decade and activity. However, unique to Spotify is their running feature: choose your genre, start running and Spotify will provide you with the ongoing music to match your tempo! This is especially helpful for workouts varying in tempo, when you’re looking for constantly changing tempos and intensities.

To boot, download Spotify Plus to add the “offline” feature: curate your own perfect playlist and listen to it anytime, anywhere without using up unnecessary data.


Fit Radio

Fit Radio provides you with non-stop, high energy music of all genres designed to motivate your workout. Dubbed the “Pandora of gym rats”, Fit Radio manually puts together upbeat playlists for the gym. Thousands of mixes are at the tips of your fingertips – divided by tempo, genre and activity.

Hate music fade-in’s and out’s or the silence between song-chages? Fit Radio provides non-stop hour-long mixes (with no adds in between).


Tune Mob 

Like to run with a group but need music to stay motivated? Tune Mob may be your saving grace. Turn someone’s phone into a personal radio while everyone else can ‘tune in’. All you need is bluetooth, a great playlist and you’re off to the races!

Tune Mob is perfect in it’s simplicity: either “start” or “join” a station and you’re good to go!

All of these apps can be found for FREE at the App Store.