Training 26 Reasons to Get Out Running this Spring

26 Reasons to Get Out Running this Spring


Spring has finally arrived! Time to get a breath of fresh air, get out off the treadmill and out the door. From A to Z, here’s how you can make a fresh start this running season

By: Celeste Botton

Spring is back, which also means that allergies are too! Make sure to be ready and equipped with the necessary medication before you go for a run.

There’s no better way to get back in the swing of things than to run with a friend. Boost your motivation by initiationg a loved one to the joys of running!

Feeling a little out of shape after the winter? Joining a running club can help you build up your mileage slowly and get back on track, as well as finding lots of new training buddies.

Okay so the Christmas binge ended until April ­ now what? Take the new season as an opportunity to clean up your diet and optimize your running ­ why not check out local farmers’ markets or look up some runner­friendly recipes.

Make the most of the new season and the improving weather to break out of your comfort zone (in general and in running!) and get exploring! look up local parks and trails, plan a long run somewhere new, break out the map and compass and get out there!

Why not start your season with a 5k? Requiring less lengthy and demanding training, it’s the perfect way to set the pace for the upcoming season and a good milestone to work your way up from!

So your weekly mileage took a hit this winter ­ time to set new goals for the new season and crush them!

Cold weather can lure us into thinking we don’t need to drink as much water while we run. Dehydration is a runner’s worst enemy, so consider starting to take a handheld on your long runs as the temperatures rise.

In​jury prevention
The sun is shining, it’s getting warmer and we can easily get carried away with our renewed motivation for running. Make sure you build your mileage and intensity slowly from your winter training to avoid shin splints and other painful ailments. If you’ve been running on a treadmill all winter, give your body some time to adapt to harder surfaces outdoors.


There’s nothing better on a spring day than freshly squeezed fruit! Stock up on vitamins and a natural sugar boost before a run or refuelling post run!

Sustain the happy spring vibes ­ make the resolution to be kind with yourself; push your body but make sure you take the time to recover and take care of yourself. Our performance in running often reflects our state of mind, so be kind to your fellow runners too and reap the benefits!

These delicious spring fruits are the perfect way to complement a runner’s diet ­ full of vitamin C, beneficial for digestion and irresistably zesty, add it to your dishes or in cold water for a nutrient boost.

You’re already getting a Vitamin D pump up from the improving weather, so why not sustain it with a brand new spring playlist!

To ensure that you stay healthy and happy, swap out your daily run for another outdoor activity? With the nice weather returning, give cycling, kayaking or hiking a try!

Yes, the temperature is milder, the birds are singing and life is great, but don’t forget that spring weather can still be very unpredictable, so make sure you leave for your runs prepared. Check the forecast and layer up! Make sure you wear sweat­wicking clothes to avoid chafing should you get caught in the rain.

Choose a bad habit to give up for the new season!

YES! Racing season is back and there is no better way to boost your running motivation than signing up for a new challenge. Why not look up some local races or plan a “runcation”?

Winter can really take its toll on your running shoes; salt, water and bad terrain can damage the outsole and tread of your shoes, so consider a fresh pair of runners for the new season.

Now the pesky snow and ice are gone, it’s time to investigate new routes and trails to boost your runs.


Yes, U! As you prepare for the new running season, make sure you take the time to think about yourself; what makes YOU happy? What do YOU want from your running this year?

V O​ 2 M a x
Unless you have access to a treadmill or an inside track, the ice/snow or bad terrain may have made it difficult to get speedwork done. To optimize your VO2 max for better results, create a gradual programme or seek help from a coach or running club o get back on track.

We​ight training
Be the strongest you’ve ever been this season by incorporating weight training into your routine; this will help you prevent injuries, strengthen your core muscles and ease back effortlessly into spring training!

To maintain motivation and stay healthy, make sure you cross train! With the spring around the corner, there are endless cross training opportunities that aren’t necessarily in a stuffy gym; get outside, try hot yoga, rock climbing or open water swimming to change it up and exert different muscles!

Your best experiences are the unexpected ones. Breathe some life into your running by accepting new challenges and experiences ­ you’ll be surprised by what will come your way. There are many ways to enjoy our great sport, and no doubt some you don’t know about yet.

It can be tough knowing what to wear in spring. Zip­up outer layers are the best way to regulate how much air­flow you want on your run. Keep it zipped when you set off feeling a little cool, and unzip when you get too warm.


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