Motivation Why You Can Count On Brooks Transcend 3 for Support

Why You Can Count On Brooks Transcend 3 for Support


In elementary school, I won my first (and only) cross country meet in a pair of Brooks shoes. I don’t remember anything about those shoes other than they were my first real pair of running shoes and it was a big deal that my Mom bought them for me because she was very frugal. So the day she handed me that pair of real running shoes, the message I got was, “I believe in you and your ability as a runner.” I went out and won that race. Was it my mom? Was it the shoes? Who knows, but what I do know is that Brooks is a company that I have always had warm feelings towards because of my mom and that race. I don’t always run in Brooks shoes but I do go back to them often and with confidence, including the Transcend 3.

By: Christa Davidson


The Look

The Transcend 3 has an air of dependability, in my opinion. When I look at these shoes, I think reliable. Available in two colour combination choices, blue and purple or pink and gray, this is a straight up, well designed, sensible looking shoe, no distractions.

The Feel

I ran on the roads and on the treadmill in this shoe to get a feel for it on both surfaces. When I put this shoe on my foot, it felt like the shoe said to me, “Don’t worry, I gotcha”. I felt supported. I guess is the best way to describe it. I felt like these shoes were shields protecting me from the evil forces of asphalt. My always angry heels and Achilles’ could relax a bit and enjoy the ride while letting the shoe absorb the attack. Not only was the supportive nature of this shoe notable but the cushioning was also equally so. Initially I wondered how I would feel about running in a heavier shoe but, strangely enough, the confidence I had in the extra support overshadowed any doubt about it weighing a little more than I am used to.

The Tech

This shoe is ideal for road runners who pronate. pronate Brooks describes this shoe as their most cushioned and technically advanced running shoe for women. This cushioning is supported by a technology Brooks calls DNA, which means that there is material in the midsole that is adaptive to your needs while running. This material can be firm and supportive when required and it can be soft and cushiony. How can that happen?


Here is a link to a quick demonstration of how this is possible (it is pretty cool). Other features of this shoe include IDEAL pressure zone, which sees the outsole having the technology to evenly distribute impact for a smoother ride. Guide Rails at the midsole are meant to support your natural running style, not correct it in order to keep you moving efficiently and a rounded heel minimizes joint stress by promoting better alignment. The shoe upper is made with laser mesh to help your feet stay cool and dry. The weight is 9.5 ounces and there is a 8mm drop.

The Final KickDN

I was really impressed with how safe I felt in this shoe. As I said, I have moved to running in a lighter, less supportive shoe and after running so comfortably in this shoe, I am wondering if I should consider a switch. I would be happy to sacrifice weight for the extra support if it means less injuries. Something to think about. If my Mom were alive I think she would be in favor of spending money on this shoe. She would also correct me in describing her as frugal and request that I use the term discerning.