Training 5 Ways to Actually Enjoy Your Summer Run

5 Ways to Actually Enjoy Your Summer Run


Summer running is a very cool thing. With the warmer temperatures, longer days and shorter nights, this really is the ideal time of year to start running.  Whether you’re new to running or getting reacquainted with your old love, especially this summer when we can all use an extra boost running is one way to kick it was a healthy dose of the sunshine vitamin, a.k.a. Vitamin D. That a don’t have to be sweating it out in the heat of day, nor should you in fact. Here are five ways for you to make the most of your summer days and enjoy every run straight through until autumn.

Be Kind & Have Fun

Summer gives us the time to really find the joy in running. At least you should be enjoying your run this time of year and extending a little kindness to yourself on the days that you’re not feeling as inspired to get out the door. Many runners fall off course because they are being too rigid in their training, especially if they’re following a training plan. Although having a training plan is a good thing because we don’t know when racing as we knew it will return, now is a great time to get used to  adjusting your training plan to the weather. Keep in mind the humidity you’ll be running in, and modify your pace and effort accordingly which will make the run more enjoyable all around. There’s really no point to running if it’s not fun and you can’t have fun if you’re slogging through a training plan that doesn’t allow for some kindness towards yourself.

Choose The Right Clothing

For anyone who is new to running, moisture wicking fabrics are your friend this time of year. There are so many options to choose from making it easy to find shirts, shorts and leggings that are comfortable for just about everyone. Investing in a hat and sport sunglasses are two additional pieces that offer the added protection from the sun. Selecting the right shoes, the ones that work for you is much more specific, but the one item of footwear that every runner needs to prevent blisters are a good pair of moisture wicking socks. 

Protect Your Skin

Even early morning runners need sunscreen, so get a good quality one and make it a regular part of your running routine before you head out the door. Even the early morning sunrise rays require the added protection. With the mix of sweat and friction, this is the time of year that most of us have issues with chaffing. Applying an anti-chaffing product such as Body Glide and KT Tape are two brands you may want to try.

Drink Up
Hydration is important. We know this, you know this. Yet when it comes to knowing what to drink the selection of beverage options can be over overwhelming, especially for new runners. The good news is, unless you’re running longer than an hour all you need is water. That’s right, nutrition experts will tell you, even in the summertime, water is all you need to keep hydrated on a run that’s less than an hour. When you’re pounding the pavement (or trails) longer than 60 minutes, you need an electrolyte beverage to replace nutrients lost through sweating. While the options are endless, Nuun comes in a wide range of flavours and a roll of the tabs can easily be tossed into your running pouch, then simply mixed with water.

Make It Social

Our lives are very different these days, but running can continue to be something that isn’t. While social distancing is still very important sharing your run with someone does make it much more fun. Consider running on a local track where you can all keep a distance but still enjoy the experience of running together. Some run crews are now meeting in smaller groups at different locations or staggering their start times depending on your pace. Even if you’re still most comfortable running solo for the time being, you can still share the run with your friends through your running app of choice, with Strava being just about everyone’s top choice.