Community “Time is the biggest hurdle.” The Marathon as a Single Mom

    “Time is the biggest hurdle.” The Marathon as a Single Mom


    For mothers who train and run marathons, time is the biggest hurdle we face. Balancing the demands of caregiving, pursuing an education, and finding time for ourselves becomes an ongoing challenge. Time to run, time to rest, time to sleep. Everything essential to a marathon build.

    Between school drop-offs and pick-ups, we squeeze in our runs, often pushing our children in strollers when childcare is unavailable. The guilt of not spending enough time with our kids while pursuing our own passions weighs heavily on us.

    As a solo mother and full-time nursing student, I understand this struggle all too well. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when both my child and I were schooling from home, finding time to train became even more difficult. Either pushing my 60-pound child in a stroller or giving up runs entirely. I had to withdraw from the Mississauga Marathon in 2020 due to injury and the overwhelming demands on my time.

    But amidst the chaos and guilt, I found my greatest accomplishment: completing the Chicago Marathon in 2023. My journey began during nursing school, where each stride became a conscious choice to prioritize my well-being amidst the chaos.

    As mothers, we often put too much on our plates and feel guilty for taking time for ourselves. However, it’s essential to remember that self-care is not selfish. It allows us to be the best versions of ourselves for our children and the world.