Training 9 common running mistakes

9 common running mistakes



iRun experts weigh in on the best strategies to stay healthy.

The Nutritionist:

Mistake #1: Over-eating in relation to energy expended during training.
Fast fix: Use a tracking device to count calories burned, and keep a food journal to track calories consumed.

Mistake #2: Too much focus on macronutrients over micronutrients.
Solution:  Eat plenty of vegetables and some fruits which will provide you with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – in addition to counting carbs, protein and fat.

Mistake #3: Too much focus on the nutrition the week before a race versus the 3 or 6 months before.
Fast fix: Consider nutrition as part of your training and plan it right from the start.

Lauren Jawno is a Toronto-based certified nutritionist, fitness trainer, wellness and lifestyle coach, and college professor. Check out her book, Change4Good.

The Coach:

Mistake #4: Working out at a medium to hard effort every day.
Fast fix: Your body needs recovery days to match hard efforts – polarize your training.

Mistake #5: Going out too hard in a race.
Fast fix: Decide ahead of time how fast you want to run your first kilometre and focus on achieving it – some pace-work before race day will help.

Mistake #6: Being disappointed with yourself after a race.
Fast fix: Set realistic expectations and be proud of your effort!

Nikki Reiter is a Mizuno Running Brand Ambassador from Kelowna, BC.  She holds a master’s degree in biomechanics, coaches Cross Country at UBC Okanagan and is the founder of Run Right Gait Analysis Service.

The Trainer:

Mistake #7: Not lifting weights.
Fast fix: Learn the best exercises to build strength and stability to create an injury resilient body.

Mistake #8: Too many crunches.
Fast fix: Add more running-specific core exercises to your routine, such as plank variations.

Mistake #9: Treat your muscles right.
Fast fix: See a registered massage therapist and roll your muscles on a roller to get rid of knots, adhesions and scar tissue.

Jon-Erik Kawamoto, CSCS, CEP from St. John’s, NL is a strength coach with a passion for training runners.