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    Couples On the Run

    Having a running buddy keeps you motivated when you need it the most, like those snowy, blowy, winter day. Even better? Having your sweetheart as your running partner. In fact, in a Brooks Run Happy Report of the 1,000 adults who ran once per week or more, over 60 percent of runners believed they got lucky more often when they ran with their partner. And get this, nearly 50 percent who said they ran six miles or more (about 10 kilometers) reportedly got even more satisfaction in the bedroom.

    While there’s no questioning the multitude of health benefits that can be had from running, the notion that running is a natural way to boost your libido has also been backed by science. In a 2003 Harvard study, men over the age of 50 who ran at least three hours a week, reduced their risk of impotence by 30 percent as compared to non-exercisers. By giving your body an endorphin boost, it makes sense that runners naturally have a better self-image, which leads you to feel more desirable with your partner.

    Even if you can’t convince your one-and-only to pound the pavement with you just yet, you can still reap the rewards of regular sweat sessions by strength training or practicing yoga together. So while a chocolates, wine and a romantic dinner are a no-fail recipe for Valentine’s Day success, you might want to consider heating things up with your honey by hitting the road together.