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A Few Words About Gear for Running Outdoors in the Cold


Winter running is often a time that runners dread. Between the snowy terrain, the cold temperatures and the icy footing, it is not an ideal setting for runners. 

After having my son a few years ago,  I committed myself to getting back on the track. Aside from weekly practices with my team; late night runs in frigid cold temperatures became my new normal. After putting my son to bed, I would gulp half a cup of coffee and venture out into the cold. (A ritual I still continue to this day). If you are having trouble getting out for your runs this winter season, here is my survival guide to winter running. So that you can keep your stride, no matter the weather.  

Brooks Ghost 13 GTX
  1. Get Gortex shoes! These shoes are a game changer for winter running! They are waterproof to keep you dry, and are  insulated to keep you warm. The Brooks Ghost GTX is my go-to winter running shoe! The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 Road GORE-TEX, as well as Merrell’s Skyfire GORE-TEX also provides additional traction on snowy days as well as keeping your feet warm and dry. 
  2. Invest in a winter running jacket and running tights. The technological advances in winter running gear has made the harsh winter elements so much more manageable! The Brooks momentum thermal tight—with drilayer threshold thermal fabric is one of my favourites. The Sugoi SubZero Thermal Tight is another great option – water resistant, and includes thermal fleece. Great options to help with the harsh winter elements. 
  3. Be Seen! Make sure to rock some reflective gear. With the sun setting earlier during the winter months, the Nathan Vibe Reflective Vest is a staple for winter running. It gives a good range of motion so that you don’t feel restricted during runs.
  4. Focus on the Goal! I often try to reflect on the positive aspects of running and the strength I am attaining physically and mentally from running during the winter. For instance, the snowy uneven terrain puts those stabilizer muscles to work and, after running through the winter, I always find I enter track season with new-found strength.  

Although there are some nights I  struggle to get out, the theme for me the last few years has been consistency, and seeing the bigger picture. It’s about appreciating every phase of my training and the small successes—including the completion of my late night winter runs. Happy Running!


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