Motivation Allyson Chisnall meets the ECCO Biom Lite

Allyson Chisnall meets the ECCO Biom Lite


“iRun so I never gain back the weight I worked so hard to lose”   ~Allyson Chisnall

Allyson’s first impressions of her ECCO Biom Lite:

When I first received my Biom Lite shoes I first noticed was how high tech they looked, really modern design and very colourful.  As I took them from the box I was surprised how light and flexible there were, they felt like a slipper not a shoe.  Having worn them for a cardio and circuit training session, I found them very comfortable and flexible during my workouts. They are very light; much lighter then my running shoes, which I usually wore during my workouts.  To me they struck the perfect balance, better then bare foot and not heavy like my running shoe.  I look forward to taking them on the road with me next week, workouts do not take a holiday.

Allyson participates in several different circuit workouts including hand weights, medicine ball, elliptical machine and the treadmill.