Gear ASICS NOOSA TRI 15 Shoe Review: Lisa Bentley Review!!

ASICS NOOSA TRI 15 Shoe Review: Lisa Bentley Review!!

Both Lisa Bentley and her dog Hadley are impressed by the ASICS NOOSA TRI 15

I wish the ASICS NOOSA TRI 15 was around when I was racing! Lightweight, sock-like, breathable, easy on and off without lacing up or down and speedy-quick, but comfortable. When I look down and see my feet, I smile at the colours. I feel as if my feet are surrounded by a bouquet of flowers! But I get all that eye candy and a stable shoe with a nice forward roll that welcomes my orthotics. Pretty. Speedy. Comfy. And good for my feet! The NOOSA TRI 15 provides a “Sound Body Sound Mind” kind of running experience. 

Let’s start with shoe integrity. My feet are a challenge, but with a bit more stack height, my feet get a well distributed landing surface creating less stress on my Achilles. And the forward roll is like an “automatic pilot” for my toe off. That helps minimize the workload on the tiny intrinsic muscles and tendons of the foot which tend to fail under the fatigue and duress in a triathlon. I have never been able to harness both cushiony comfort and stability in a speedy, light weight shoe but with my orthotics nestled away in the footbed, I truly have it all!

Whether you have good biomechanics or rely on custom orthotics, a thoughtfully-engineered shoe like the NOOSA TRI 15 will allow you to avoid the injury cycle that can be provoked by some racing shoes or lightweight trainers. 

The NOOSA TRI 15 fits like a glove. With the tongue pull tabs, they are easy on and easy off making transitions a snap. The inner liner is seamless and comfortable so socks can be optional. I tested it sock-free and I returned home unscathed. Because they are fitted, you may need to move up a half size. Mine fit perfectly, but if your feet swell, then splurge on another half size. I loved that my foot was firmly planted in the shoe without any side-to-side motion which can cause injury. 

This shoe is super lightweight for a speedy race day or faster training run day. The breathable fabric made my feet feel naked which would have been nice back when I was racing the steamy hot Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. And when you are throwing water over your head to cool down, the fabric doesn’t get weighed down. I know this because I ran in the rain and the NOOSA TRI 15 seemed just as light weight as it did dry when I started my workout. 

And yes, when I look down at my feet, I smile! This shoe is a flashy, happy shoe. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, your mind and body can make magic happen. 

Yes, the NOOSA TRI 15 is a magic maker. It is a speed enhancer. It is an energy boost. It is literally a customized “made for you” triathlon experience. It makes my feet smile. It makes me smile. I may not race triathlons at this time, but they make me feel light and quick on training runs. Running shoes are fashion statements and this shoe puts a massive exclamation point on that department. Bold. Robust. Courageous. Sound. NOOSA TRI 15 is a dream shoe that I needed 15 years ago. But no hard feelings. I can wear it now and so can you! For more on the shoe, please click here.