Community Journey Towards My Fall Marathon: Fly, Human, Fly!

    Journey Towards My Fall Marathon: Fly, Human, Fly!

    So the heat is on and so is the sweat, ack!!
    Early morning runs are a must now, but I’m lucky because I received a bunch of awesome clothes from Hoka so I’m all set to train hard: “Fly, human Fly.”
    My soreness is still a constant, especially in my feet (blisters, ouch!) and my anterior shins, but my focus on recovery and treatment I think is doing me good! Clean living, napping in the afternoons and hydrating as much as possible is key for me right now as I train for my fall marathon.
    I’m also trying to hit up more team runs which forces me to run with faster runners, which is helping my mental game.
    Holding with faster runners. Making that discomfort more of a norm. Coach Mike [Anderson, BlackToe Running] also has said if you feel good: “Push the pace and dial in that warrior brain!”
    I’m still very focused, taking it one practice at a time and because I’m making more clean choices I feel like I have more of a calm control over my life.
    ☆forward motion gives momentum☆
    So, as my mileage is slowly ramping up each week (over 100k now), I’m practicing my positive talk and excited to explore my potential this time around in the marathon.
    I’m mentally and physically starting the preparation for feelings of doubt and fear in practice so I’m ready for those feelings in my race!
    Nine weeks to go, holding healthy and strong. 
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