Community 3:15 wake-up calls and the Road to 42.2: A HOKA Training Diary...

3:15 wake-up calls and the Road to 42.2: A HOKA Training Diary to Share

It’s go time. My training has begun for my race at the Erie marathon September 10th 2023! There are 12 weeks approximately to go and man, do I ever feel motivated. I know what needs to be done to run a strong marathon (this will be #10!) However, this time around I feel a wiser.
I’ve had time to digest what could have gone better last time around and now I’m going to focus on making some necessary and (I think doable) changes.
I will continue to be a very disciplined runner. I will get up at 3:15 a.m. to do a 10-13k run on the treadmill, plus a 30-40 min weight session at my gym before my work that starts for 7 a.m. at the hospital without hesitation, but can I cut down on that life stress, can I focus more on recovery and sleep and can I fine-tune my dietary habits?
Can I approach some of these tougher workouts with more grit and mental toughness that I know will serve me well on race day??
My answer right now is hell yes and my drive right now is high: nothing like the beginning of a training cycle, right?!
So my base is being laid down right now. Coach Mike (Mike Anderson at BlackToe) and I are talking intensity and we are planning time trials and shorter races to try and up my speed.
My first race is the awesome Pride 5k race in Toronto on June 24th. So two sayings that are very present right now in my brain are: vitamin “NO,” as per the legendary Eulid Kipchoge and “be curious” as per a very fast friend of mine Emily Hass-Ryan (@emilymaryruns).
Say NO to the things that you know don’t work for you, Caroline,(stress, no self care, alcohol), and be open to really pushing yourself while ignoring that little scarred voice in your head.
Consistency is key for marathon training and that’s what I’m going after: one practice at a time, on day at a time. Steady and strong weeks of training that build with some punchy speed sessions in between! Oh, and you can’t forget about those hills.
I’ll let you guys know how the 5k goes and thanks for tuning in and hopefully I’ll see you guys out there on the road!
Peace out ✌️


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