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    Becoming My Own Best Friend and Eating All the Food: Fall marathon training with HOKA

    The heat is on and so is the mileage which is leaving me starving!! I’m eating now pretty much every 3-4 hours, especially on those longer runs and workouts.
    I’m trying to also get as much sleep as I can, but it’s tough when I’m on night shifts at the hospital so when I’m off I’m trying to take it easy. My body is feeling good, I’m wearing my HOKA shoes, and I’m keeping the injuries at bay so far with help from my chiropractor—so I’m happy!
    One big thing that has changed is my goal race. I’ve decided to forfeit Erie for a few personal and logistical reasons and I’m jumping “On the Road to Waterfront”—as per BlackToe!!
    BlackToe Running club is having pacer and fuel/treat supported runs every Sunday to encourage runners on this journey to the TCS Waterfront Marathon, which is October 15th.
    This has been fun and motivating to run with faster runners and the fact that I will be running in my own city representing women BlackToe runners means so much to me. I also will be doing a 1/2 marathon as a race prep September 10th in Georgina to practice those oh-so-needed mental strategies.
    So right now I’m becoming my own best friend which means being very disciplined, focusing on my workouts, but also as importantly—my recovery. I’m trying to get hold of this fear of discomfort and when in the depths of pain I’m trying to regain my mind… like, today during my 35k long run with 5k’s marathon pace pick ups. I kept reminding myself that if I can’t do it here I won’t be able to do it in my race!
    Also the struggle is the whole journey… thats why we are out there right!! Keep pushing guys and have fun out there!


    1. So proud of you ? this journey of yours – how you are expressing yourself now and how you are taking care of YOU !
      Your cheerleader forever ♾️

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