Community Beer Mile Photos and Contest Winners for Athletic Brewing

    Beer Mile Photos and Contest Winners for Athletic Brewing


    On Saturday, iRun and Athletic Brewing hosted our first Beer Mile for the community and our two contest winners: Gord and Josephine (pictured above). 

    To say it was fun would be an understatement and for all those unable to attend, please know that we’ll do this again, and that Athletic Brewing, the world’s best non-alcoholic beer, is available at more locations across Canada every day.

    This is contest winner Gord, in action. 

    We asked the community to tell us when they feel most Athletic, and received wonderful responses. Starting in September, we’ll also be sampling Athletic Brewing products at both BlackToe locations in Toronto. At iRun, we always find inspiration from our readers. This is what Josephine wrote in response to the question: When do I feel most athletic?

    When I Feel Most Athletic, By Josephine. 

    This is an interesting question and today I will answer it by saying I feel most athletic when I am injured.
    I have really been enjoying running of late, having come back from an injury that side-tracked me for some time. I felt like I hadn’t missed a step. Running felt fluid and fun and I was feeling my fitness improve week by week.

    The runs I avoided were now runs I looked forward to; speed work was fun, I frolicked up the hills.

    Then the world exploded or it seemed to. I broke my metatarsal in my left foot. This is the third bone I broke this year (and to no surprise) since I was just diagnosed with osteoporosis. Devastated by the diagnosis and the many broken bones, I knew that a positive attitude was mandatory. I decided to look forward to the next 5-6 weeks of healing and getting back to running and the joy I feel when doing so.

    In the meantime, I am conjuring up ways of healing the unconventional ways. Yes, this will be  my focus. Healing is part of the process as much as the training and the racing. 

    Josephine ran the iRun Beer Mile with pep and joy, and she’ll be keeping a blog about her half marathon training for the TCS Waterfront Marathon.

    When I Feel Most Athletic, by Gord.

    I am a self confessed amateur tri-athlete.

    While I enjoy the solace of a morning swim; the great feeling after a run, perhaps even setting a PB or cycling with a trusted partner, I think I feel most athletic is when I put it all together for the home team.

    That means rising early. Helping the family with breakfast and the clean up. Getting outside to do lawn work, household chores (a long list some weekends) and then take younger family members to their activities.

    I believe it’s all about pacing, breathing, and being well-rested. The training of swimming, cycling, and running all help me meet my family goals. That is when I truly feel most athletic!

    Gord and Josephine will be writing blogs for iRun leading into their TCS Waterfront Marathon events, where Athletic Brewing will be at the Expo.

    Let us know when you feel your most athletic, and keep staying athletic, and thanks for contributing—always. 

    Photographs by Carlos Osario for iRun magazine.