Motivation Christa’s Kicks: New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

Christa’s Kicks: New Balance Fresh Foam 1080


Welcome to my new weekly column here at iRun, where I will be running around in the latest running shoes from all of your favorite companies. The column is not intended to compare a bunch of shoes at one time, more so to be a look at individual shoes. Each week I will bring you ‘the shoe of the week’, so come along for the ride and join me for some kicks.


New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

The Look

When I opened the NB Fresh Foam 1080 shoe box and pulled back the tissue paper, I thought I saw an angelic glow coming from the box as I heard a soft ‘ahhhhhhhhhh’ float from it. This shoe is pretty.

Before I had it on my foot I was enamored by its blue pearlescent hue.

I am known to flavor plain, non flashy, black shoes but the aesthetics of this shoe could make me a convert.


The Feel

The newly designed Fresh Foam 1080 isn’t just a pretty face. I kicked around in this shoe for several runs including outdoors and indoors at a variety of distances.

This is a neutral shoe with plenty of cushioning to make the long haul comfortable without compromising the ride. You can still get a feel for the road through the cushiony landing. The Fresh Foam midsole provides a soft landing for the footfall, yet the the construction of the shoe upper provides support leaving you feeling stability upon planting your foot and with push off.

My heel felt secure and there was no friction or rubbing, and at the front end, my toes had plenty of room to spread out and do their natural foot thing with landing and leaving.

The Tech

Women’s Specs Men’s Specs

Weight: 252.3 g/8.9 oz 297.7 g10.5 oz

Sizes: 05-11,12 07-12,13,14,15,16

Widths: 2A,B,D, 2E D-2E,4E

Drop: 8mm 8mm

Price: $189.99 $189.99

The Final Kick

The NB Fresh Foam 1080 will launch February 15 in Canada and is their biggest shoe launch this year.

This shoe is great for your everyday kilometers. It will get you comfortably through your long runs and it will look great doing it. This is a neutral shoe that provides good support. New Balance cites its competition or comparable shoe brands/types to be Brooks Glycerin, Saucony Triumph, Asics Nimbus and Adidas Energy Boost. If you have any experience with these shoes and are looking for something new, this may be the shoe you are looking for.

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