Gear CONTEST! Win a MEC jacket, the World’s Best Running Gloves, and Discover...

CONTEST! Win a MEC jacket, the World’s Best Running Gloves, and Discover Dozens of Winter Cold Weather Jewels


The cat’s out of the bag: we still have lots more winter. The good news about that, though, is how durable and awesome winter running gear both has become and, uniquely, always has been. Lots of runners, including Sabrina Young and I, have deep bonds with our winter running clothes, some of which are as old as our children. How do you get yourself out on a run in the winter? Let us know and two lucky winners from across the country will win either gloves from Icebreakers (the best gloves I’ve ever worn), or a MEC Pace Hybrid Soft Shell Jacket.

What do you love about Winter Running?

Answer in the comments and WIN WIN WIN!! 

Here are items that I love, and what follows are items written in by our readers. These are Winter Cold Weather Jewels, items that just might last you to 2035.

MEC Pace Hybrid Soft Shell Jacket, $89.94

Windproof, breathable, colourful, and priced beneath one hundred dollars. Love it.

NIKE Dry-Fit Running Tights, $80

Made with 75% recycled material, plenty of pockets, and warmer than my weighted blanket, but twice as light. Plus, a reader wrote this about his Nike tights: “I love my Nike Dri FIT Tights, purchased in 1998.” He has had those tights 25 years!!!

UA ISO-CHILL Brushline Gaiter, $30

I recently wore this bad boy snowboarding and, when taking selfies for Instagram when it’s really cold, this makes you look like the Toughest Person in the World.

Icebreaker Unisex RealFleece Merino High Pile Mittens, $85

I would say these are the single item that has benefitted me most this winter. It makes me happy we’ll be giving these away to one of you, who can thank me later. It’s our pleasure.

ASICS Seamless LS Top, $80

We hold this truth to be self-evident: the only way to run in the cold is through layering. Love the thumbhole, and the butter soft feel.

Ciele CRWCap Iconic Athletics, $75

Montreal brand synonymous with hipster cold weather running ups the style quotient while offering a firm fit and ear warmth beyond compare.

HOKA Speedgoat 5 GTX Spike, $230

Spend just over two hundred dollars once and have winter running shoes that are light, warm and will last ten years.

And now a few recommendations from our readers: 

Running Room Unisex Mitts, with pockets, $59.99

“I bundle up and layer but need my hands to be warm!” Noel Paine

Oakley sunglasses, prices vary—from $126 to well over $300

“Often overlooked is eyewear with clear or light tinted lenses for those dark winter mornings and evenings. Aside from blocking blowing snow and ice from your eyeballs, they help keep your face warm.” Michael Lin

Lululemon Down for It All Jacket, $228

“It’s kept me outside on the coldest of days—some days I actually find it a little too warm!!!” Sue D. Due [Ed note: after Sue wrote that, two others readers voiced their mutual jacket appreciation]

A Cool DIY Tip from Melanie Boultbee:

“The watch window used to be the thumb hole which was cut to be a bit bigger for the watch face.”

Meanwhile, this reader’s HIND jacket is twenty years old!! 

He says, “It’s indestructible!”

So, what do you love about Winter Running?

Tell us and win Icebreaker gloves or the MEC coat!!







  1. It’s quiet, it’s a challenge and I feel a sense of accomplishment. It is much better than running on a treadmill.

  2. It’s quiet, I love the challenge of it and a huge sense of accomplishment when I’m done. Also, it’s much better than a treadmill.

  3. The thing I love about winter is the views. Everything looks so magical. Running through a winter wonderland!

  4. What I love about winter running is the crisp morning air, the crunch of snow beneath my feet and celebrating another glorious day outside.

  5. My favourite part of winter running is the runner’s high afterwards! And the special sense of camaraderie with every runner I pass along the way.

  6. I love the ice build up on my beard on a cold or snowy day. Makes me feel like I’ve battled the elements and come out ahead with a medal to show for it.
    Also nothing like the slightly painful nip on the cheeks and nose to distract from the strain of a hard run.

  7. I love winter running because not only is the scenery beautiful, especially after a fresh snowfall, but it’s cooler weather and good to work on your speedwork and distance that you cannot do in the summer. Winter running is when you can work on yourself as a runner and take time to improve on any goal that you have since not in training mode. Also, who does not like sleeping in and not waking up at 4 am haha!

  8. I love the feeling after a cold snowy run – feeling of power that you just did that! Not going to lie, always better with friends to run with.

  9. Although I am in North Florida, I love running in cold weather. I run faster and my performance is much better than the summer days of 90 plus degrees . Running in cold weather is a treat for me.

  10. I love winter running because the scenery is beautiful, especially after a fresh snowfall, and the cooler weather helps you improve on your speedwork and distance, which is harder to do in the summer. Winter running is when you want to improve on yourself as a runner and set goals that are easy to miss When in training mode during spring/summer months. Also, who does not mind sleeping in and waking up at 4 am haha!

  11. I love winter running because the air is fresh and cool and I seldom get too warm. It’s easy to layer clothing to keep warm. I like to run on trails and with the snow on the trees it can be quite magical being outside.. a winter wonderland.

  12. I love the fact that I use more core strength to maintain balance on icy surfaces or while running across powder. In a way, the traction on snow is like running across sand. So much fitness is to be gained from winter running, it is always enjoyable and it is time very well-spent!

  13. My favourite part about winter running is having a treadmill in my basement for the cold, icy Ottawa winter days!

  14. I love the brisk air and the crunch of the snow! Knowing that if I stop I will feel the cold so I better keep running and finish the distance ?

  15. I love running in winter for the views, the fact that not everyone is tough enough to do it. I love passing people shivering in parkas while I’m wearing shorts. I love growing a frost beard. I love that your warm if you keep moving. Plus it beats working.

  16. Winter running makes me strong runner and appreciate the spring time. Winter running after a fresh snow fall is beautiful and quiet – but the best is running with your friends and chatting about how it made your feel once your sipping coffee!!!

  17. There’s just something so beautiful about snowy trails, especially if it’s still snowing and I get first tracks. The evidence of wildlife is clear and it feels like a fantasy to be out in the woods like that. Last week I ran Tunnel Mountain in Banff in minus 20 and was comfortable in my layers and captivated by the beauty. Slushy icy roads, on the other hand are a huge deterrent to me.

  18. Running in the winter is awesome! It’s the simplest way to go outside and enjoy the snowy season. Plus, it builds character and can be very humbling.

  19. I love the freedom it gives me and the exhilarating feeling of the cold against my face, seeing my breath and getting lost in time!!

  20. Winter running captivates me with its crisp air, a symphony of crunching snow beneath my feet, and the exhilarating chill that invigorates every step. The world transforms into a serene, snow-covered landscape, creating a picturesque backdrop for my runs. Bundling up in layers adds a cozy element, and the contrast of the cold against the warmth of my body in motion creates a unique sensory experience. The solitude of winter trails offers a peaceful escape from the hustle, allowing me to connect with nature. Embracing the challenge of colder temperatures builds mental resilience, making each winter run a triumph of determination and appreciation.

  21. Winter running where I live often includes going out there oncold rainy days. However, this gives me the opportunity to get out the Goretex shoes, snuggly running gloves, my favourite Buff to cover my ears, fleece lined tights and a ( hopefully) water proof jacket! The right gear makes all the difference! It makes me forget the weather and embrace the run!

  22. What I love about winter running is the change of pace the season brings. The change in pace given snowy roads and cold temperatures transcends my runs. Somehow winter running brings me to a more contemplative place.

  23. Winter Running….great time to build endurance for spring and summer races. Time to enjoy the cool crisp weather.

  24. I love running in the winter because I can dress properly even for cold weather, then complete a run with friends and feel so good about doing it! We’re all so proud of meeting the challenge.

  25. Winter running is the best. Less crowded trails, quiet, and an opportunity to get outside and get some fresh air while everyone else is huddled inside. With the right great temperature is not an issue.

  26. Winter running is exhilarating! The satisfying sound of crispy snow underneath my feet. Warming up to a rhythm, it somehow feels effortful and effortless all at once.
    Running through a wonder of whirling flakes, I love it for the feeling of playfulness!

  27. The best part of winter running is never overheating! It you have the right gear and company winter running is a blast!

  28. I love winter running at the cottage because there are no mosquitos or horse flies and I love the crunch of the snow under my runners.

  29. I love the satisfaction of finishing a run in tough conditions.
    And I absolutely love the sound of squeaky snow under my feet.

  30. I love running in the winter because I feel like a superhero. I am warm and glowing after a couple of kms while other people are bundled up and shivering. It’s also so quiet of noise and people and I can really fall into almost a meditative state.

  31. love the feeling of cold air in the lungs – refreshing! And the feeling when you come in after the run: the contrast of your “inner engine” still running hot yet your outer layer being cold..Def makes you feel alive!

  32. I love winter running because I tend to overheat, and it’s easy to cool down. There’s only so much gear I can take off when it’s +30 ;). Also, most of the time, I have the whole path to myself. Which is niiiiice.

  33. I love feeling like a badass when I run outside in the winter and so many people are using the weather as an excuse to not even go outside!

  34. I love the quiet after a snowfall and everything looking clean. When the sunshines it’s the perfect temp

  35. Love running in winter so I can feel strong and well trained for spring races. I do like to run in a couple very cold runs so when I do runs later in the winter and spring that are cold I can say “Well at least it’s not as cold as that run”

  36. I overheat when I run during the summer. I also struggle to take in enough fluids to replace my sweat without upsetting my stomach. Running in the winter is perfect for me because I can control my temperature with layers.

  37. Wintery weather sometimes keeps us imprisoned in our own home but going out for a run gives me a sense of control. The advantages are both physical and mental.

  38. I love the challenge of winter running, it makes things feel soucb easier when you shed the layers in the spring!

  39. I love winter running, its my favorite!!! It is a lot cooler than running in the summer sweltering heat. The crunch of the snow is relaxing and running especially while its lightly snowing is peaceful and relaxing. Running in the snow is also is a huge benefit as you are engaging different muscles which helps to strengthen your legs and you can’t run on weak legs.

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