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    Easter is sort of the early and unofficial start to the cottage season.   I was up south east of Algonquin Provincial Park (on a beautiful round lake).  The lake was half frozen, but still I was dreaming of swimming… and running… and biking.  I want to complete “The Cottage Triathlon”. 

    There is an island which is around 2K from the beach and the circumference of the lake itself is 30 kilometers.  If I wanted to make this a full Ironcottage triathlon I would swim back and forth to the island, then bike around the lake 6 times, then run around the lake and add another 10K and a bit.  But there is no way I will ever do that.

    Instead what I plan and hope to do is a version of an Olympic distance triathlon.  I will get canoed out to the island.  From there I will swim 2K back (Olympic Distance Triathlon [OD] is 1.5K).  Then I will bike around the outside of the lake (30K) (OD is 40K).  Finally I will trail run the Olympic distance of 10K. 

    This last year I realized there are hundreds of kilometers of old logging roads adjacent to my cottage and they are perfect for running.  Ébène and I scouted around this weekend.

    What a great challenge for the summer!

    Also (and this has nothing to do with running, but still cool)  there were so many stars out this weekend and with the lake half frozen except for close to shore and no wind the stars were all reflecting in the water.  They were reflecting so perfectly that it looked like there were stars in the sky and down below and if you leaned over the edge of the water it looked as if you were at the edge of the earth and staring down into space.  Unbelievable!

    I hope you all had a great long weekend.

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