Motivation Dancing to the finish with One Good Earbud

Dancing to the finish with One Good Earbud


I like running with a group. We get together once or twice a week to hit the trails. While we run, we chat between breaths. It helps to pass the time. However, there are days when the group is just not enough to keep me motivated. Some days I need a little something extra, a little distraction to keep me on pace. Music! Music can give you that push to keep going up that hill or just take your mind off of the monotony of running. Sometimes I just need a little Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, or Lady Gaga to make me forget that I am making my body sweat and to will my legs to keep going.

Listening to music and running with friends presents a problem. It is difficult to discreetly put in your earphones when your buddy is speaking directly to you. In fact, it can be interpreted as rude. Many runners will tuck one earphone into their shirt and run with the other earphone in their ear. I have attempted that approach, but inevitably, that sneaky dangling earphone works its way out to cause havoc on the earphone that is sitting snugly in my ear. Then I have to sort out the slippery wires with sweaty hands, keep pace, and watch where I’m going. For someone who is a bit clumsy, this can be disastrous.

So, when I tested the One Good Earbud with the wrap around ear piece, I immediately liked the simplicity of the product. Why didn’t I think of this? The One Good Earbud is a single earphone that provides both channels of music in one earbud, so you aren’t missing any aspect of the sound. It fit my ear perfectly. Once it was in, I didn’t have to re-adjust the ear piece. Aside from the convenience of being able to chat with my friends, the One Good Earbud provides a level of safety. I can listen to music and still hear what is going on around me.

Overall, I was very happy with One Good Earbud. It is comfortable, maintains good sound quality, and helps me to enjoy my run safely. This week, I was able to charge up hills with my favourite power song and jog down the other side and converse with my friend. I rocked the hills and didn’t miss a beat.

If you are interested in purchasing a One Good Earbud for yourself, you can find them on the web at

Happy running!