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    Day 3


    “Day three, fifteen point one nautical miles, twenty eight kilometers roughly covered today. Ahhh…. today was spectacular, the weather was perfect. Ahhhummm. We started our day with a really long ascent and assured ourselves that we weren’t going to go out super duper hard. We stayed on the go for eight and a half hours of trekking and made some really good progress. So ahhh in the coming days we will start to test our engines out a little bit more and see how we feel; and we’re really excited it was so beautiful today the landscape is incredible with the mountains to the right…. and once again… just reminds you of what an amazing place it is that we are in.  Ahhum… so far I haven’t worn my showshoes and I don’t plan to unless I need to, I’m just wearing my leather boots, Here’s Kevin”…..

    “Hey y’all.. were just sitting here in the tent now after a fairly long day, we’re all feeling pretty tired, and ahh… we’re just slowly trying to get accustomed to eating the food prepared for …. prepared for our ..???..and extremely high in fat, ah and ahh we’re taking ahh these enzymes actually, to make us digest the fat ahh… the extra fat.. I’m still finding it a bit of a struggle to get all of the cheese down, but ahhh none the less evenutally our systems will be running so fast that we’ll be able to consume it all. But that’s my word for now… OK cheers.

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