No Category selected Saturday, November 15, 2008

    Saturday, November 15, 2008


    Okay I have to admit:  I really enjoy having Fridays off, but I honestly love Saturday workouts!
    No …  I do, really!
    It forces me to drag my butt out of bed, and it means I get to spend the majority of the day focusing on ME!

    Wake up; eat a small breakfast.
    Head to the track – hammer out a speed workout; then hit the weights.
    Then, likely most importantly – – hydrotherapy with the gang!

    I never really realized just how tolerant to extreme temperatures you can make your body when you immerse yourself every weekend for more than a month straight.
    This weekend – I went full body …. Yes all the way to the neck!
    Polar bear dip anyone?

    It’s nice to know training doesn’t just have to be about pain and results … when you get to mix in some great company and laughter,  the soreness and hand-times tend to just seem like a bonus.


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