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    I am excited about  the Old Mill Race in Ancaster tomorrow night.  But with that excitement comes the inevitable worry.

    We'll be looking at a greener view tomorrow

    What to wear?  I had everything planned.  I have been wearing my shorts lately.  The first year I started running, I couldn’t understand why people were showing up to run in March in shorts.  In shorts!!!!  Now I know why.  After having gone through an entire winter of being all bundled up the first sign of nice weather, off come the layers!

    But the weather has taken a turn for the cold.   Shorts aren’t an option anymore.  Long pants?  Nope.  Capri’s?  Potential.  My old stand by long sleeved shirt Around the Bay.  I love being able to proclaim that I am older than Boston!

    If I have enough time, I think I will stop in at the Den to grab a new pair of socks.  I should have done that today.  Since I am not at all superstitious about running, I’ll wait until tomorrow.

    So many socks to choose from.  But I'm not superstitious
    So many socks to choose from. But I

    Headgear?  Maybe.  I have a really nice pink running  hat.  The one I bought for the Around the Bay race.  It managed to survive the downpour of rain.  And it came out intact. 

    I told my mom I have to decide what to listen to.  Maybe Madonna. Maybe Mobile.  Maybe Audioslave.

    But the most important thing to bring.  A great attitude.  My dad summed it all up tonight.  Perfectly.  “Just go out there and have fun Tess.  Just do the best you can.  You don’t have to compete with anyone.”

    So off I go to have a whole lot of fun.  Stay tuned!

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    A runner for almost two years, Terry recently had the mildly traumatic experience of trying to find a flattering pair of running pants (“Isn’t running about pushing personal boundaries and just getting out there and moving? Except when you don’t look in the least bit like Paula Radcliffe.”). But although she may have been a bit embarrassed by “helpful handsome guy” at the store, she keeps a great perspective through her running experiences. Pushing through a number of injuries early in her running career, she got right back to training for her next race. “The feeling of elation when I crossed the finish line is unimaginable,” says Terry. Sounds like she’s hooked for good!