Motivation Everyday Runners Are Reaching Beyond the Impossible

Everyday Runners Are Reaching Beyond the Impossible


iRun magazine has always been about the everyday runner. Not only the marathon winners or the Olympic heroes but also the rookie runner, the average hoofer who inspires us each and every day For iRun‘s runner-in-chief, Ray Zahab, this is what running is all about! Through this incredible sport we each have the ability to discover something new about ourselves- challenge ourselves to reach beyond what we think we can do.  The new issue comes out Friday and I know you will love it! It’s not often enough that we celebrate our readers – and these are a few runners who I find inspiration from, everyday.

Mike Jungle

Mike Stashin- The Adventurer- Mike is a very close friend of mine, and I have seen him go from his first Arctic marathon to running through jungles in the most difficult races on the planet. He inspires others to dream BIG with their running!

DaveMcMahontrail run

Dave McMahon- The Guru- The coolest thing about Dave is that he is so cool! Dave is an elite athlete in not only running, but nordic skiing as well. Dave spends little time celebrating his own achievements, but instead gives a huge amount of volunteer time teaching thousands of people how to run and ski the trails with his running groups, and videography.


Agnes Jung- The Giver- Agnes is a giver through her running. She gives of her time volunteering at races, for charitable running initiatives, and to pretty much anyone who asks for her help. As a matter of fact, Agnes is one of the most generous people I have ever met and the way she has tied this to he running simply makes you smile. Running seems to bring out the best in us and Agnes seems to have the ability to do that too!


Jordan Thoms- The Heart- Jordan puts everything he’s got into anything he takes on! His goal always is to learn as much as he can whether its a 5km road race or a Spartan challenge, and then share it with others. He inspires from his willingness to just lace up his shoes and get out there! Always positive, he once again exemplifies what makes our sport so great, and loves to share his message of “Everyone can do it!” to all of us following along!



  1. All amazing people! I love how a character trait is capture for each one of them…(although the traits can be true for all of them, the one highlighted for them specifically, is spot on!) LOVE following their adventures.

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