Community EXCLUSIVE: Run for Charity and Get a Race Bib and Hotel Room 

    EXCLUSIVE: Run for Charity and Get a Race Bib and Hotel Room 


    Ian Fraser is the popular race director of Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend and, since the start of March, he’s been running 10 kilometres per day for the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre as part of the Race Weekend’s Charity Challenge (which means 100% of the funds Fraser collects goes directly to charity). Fraser says that, as a runner, he feels our sport must be safe and the work being done at the Rape Crisis Centre should be supported by people who love how our sport makes us feel. 

    “What we do as runners is supposed to be accessible and safe and give people a sense of freedom, relief and release, but so many women don’t feel safe running alone, particularly if it’s a little dark,” Fraser says. “I think the victims of sexual violence have a unique set of needs in the community and I shudder to think that an organization that provides help to people who are struggling needs financial assistance so desperately to stay in business.” 

    Runners share the streets with the community and, in completing his nearly month-long 10K-per-day challenge, Fraser has only become more committed to his cause. There are eight days left in Fraser’s Charity Challenge for the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre and today he’s announcing that if someone wants to continue his challenge for April, that runner will receive free entry into the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend event of their choice. But that’s not all. Obviously sexual violence isn’t contained only to Ottawa, and so if a runner opts into the challenge, Fraser will also throw in a hotel room for that Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend participant willing to carry on the challenge of helping this great charity raise funds. The only ask: run for the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre and promote your running. Help this great charity raise funds by promoting Fraser’s fundraising link. 

    Fraser got the ball rolling.

    We need another runner to help get us to the Tamarack Ottawa Marathon Weekend starting line. 

    “I firmly believe that running should be a safe haven for everybody, and to think that it’s not—that’s got to end,” Fraser says. “Running should be physically and emotionally safe for everybody. I just know that for so many of us who really love running, the sport is such an important pillar of our overall well being.” 

    We’re not going to end the need for the essential work being done at places like the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre—or the Rape Crisis Centre in the town whereveer you live—but we can help raise money for these charities. Fraser has spent the last twenty-three days running 10K-per-day and he has eight more 10K runs before he completes his journey. Who will take over his mantle? It’s a feel-good mission for an unbelievably good cause with a bonus prize for the runner baked in. To help support Ian Fraser on his fundraising quest, please click here. If you’re ready to get involved on your own, please contact Ben Kaplan at iRun magazine, by emailing, or else just leaving a note in the comments. 

    As runners, we share our streets with our neighbours. Let’s do what we love and help those in our communities who do the work that we don’t for people in need.    


    1. As you know Ben, I lost my daughter last May from a accidental overdose. I am running the Half Marathon in Ottawa for Robbie Dean Family Counselling Centre here in Pembroke. Running helps me give back to a community that has given so much to me

    2. I would most definitely help ♥️
      Raising awareness about rape and supporting those affected by it is an important job.
      I’m a year cancer free and I am trying my best to run as much as I can. This might be the challenge I need to get me back to where I used to be. I can definitely rock 10k per day… in the beginning I may need to do some walking though… I’ve been running about 7-8k per day 4-5 times a week. I used to be a pace bunny and during chemo I could not wait to get back to running. ♥️♥️♥️

    3. i love these comments so much and love our community. thank you amanda and steve and stay tuned – we’re all in this together, thank you, and stay strong.

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