Motivation Father’s Day Gifts for Dads on the Run

Father’s Day Gifts for Dads on the Run


This Father’s Day I was so excited to shop for my husband with the our children because we had a solid focus and mission on exactly what he needed and would love: Kickass gear to help him achieve his goal of competing on his first Olympic Distance Triathlon this Fall. We decided to build him a head-to-toe toolbox of training resources and products to make his quest of competing a much more successful and joyful experience!

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By: Jenn Pike

He is super picky about what style and fit of training clothes he wears and has always preferred Under Armour as his number one go-to for any training season, so I headed out to Sporting Life and stocked up. I bought him a great pair of shoes and lightweight shorts and t-shirt for training. From the performance fabrics they use to the design of their athletic gear, Under Armour focuses on innovation, which results in the highest quality athletic gear, which the man in your life (just like my husband) will love to wear!


The gift I am most excited for him to open up is this super cool UA HealthBox designed by HTC includes everything my husband or the healthy man in your life, needs to better manage his health and fitness in one easy to use system. It includes a band to track activity and sleep, a heart monitor to measure workout intensity and a scale, which measures weight and body fat percentage.  This gift will earn me – I mean the kids – huge brownie points.

My clients, who are 99% female, often ask me what the best type of exercise for their husband to start doing is and my answer is always “whatever brings them joy”! If they love running they should do that. Biking? Ride away. Strength Training? Happy lifting guys! Golfing? Ditch the cart and walk the course! You can’t force them to do what you like, so be supportive of any type of movement they choose. In an ideal scenario it would be great for them to have some cross-training in their regime; a combo of cardio 2-3x weekly, strength 3-4 x weekly and I would LOVE to see some yoga in there too. For my husbands tri-training he mixes it up with swim/bike/run work 5x weekly, Crossfit 2xweekly and daily stretching and yoga postures.


For the days when the man in your life may have trained a little too hard there is this incredible home laser unit I have had the privilege of trying out and it was fantastic at helping with recovery time in my husbands training efforts but also just day-to-day aches and pains from life in general.

BioFlex personal-2

BioFlex Laser Therapy  was once only technology available in a clinic setting is now available in a personal unit that people can purchase to self-administer light therapy at home and reduce clinical visits. This is a convenient treatment option for people who experience chronic pain from arthritis, muscle-strains, soft-tissue injuries, etc. When effectively applied, this process initiates a series of physiological reactions within the cell tissue that leads to the healing of normal cell structure and function. The therapy is approved by Health Canada for the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions including arthritis, soft-tissue injury and joint pain.

Another gift idea I had was geared towards pampering him when he finished exercising and came home to shower and shave. As the best-selling author of The Simplicity Project a holistic minded full body and life book, what we use on our skin is as important to me as what we eat or how we choose to move. I make most of our skincare products but had never tried doing a shaving cream for my husband so I set out to test and try a new recipe. I used it for myself a few times to be sure and the results were AMAZING!

I had tried to use coconut oil and shea butter as my base but the razor kept getting clogged. I swapped out the coconut oil and used almond oil as my base instead along with a few other soothing, effective ingredients below and upgraded his razor to the Schick Hydro 5, which also has a built in lubrication, strip for extra skin support.

Smooth Man Shaving Cream


  • ½ Cup Oil(olive, jojoba, almond etc.)
  • ¼ Cup Organic Honey
  • ¼ Cup Liquid, Dr Bonner’s Lavender Castile Soap
  • 5 Drops each of Helichrysum and Sandalwood


  1. Combine ingredients in a bowl and whisk for several minutes until all of the ingredients have fully combined
  2. Transfer to a pump or squeeze bottle.
  3. A Little Goes A Long Way! You only need a pea-sized amount to create a nice lather!

The BIG Bonus:

This shaving cream will not expire, as all of the ingredients have a very long shelf life. PLUS when your husband and your whole family use natural, healthy products for your skin and body it will thank you by feeling great and letting you know, you are amazing.

This Father’s Day think outside of the box for the best Dad ever; pay attention to the subtle clues he drops about wanting to feel better and get into better shape and use this gift guide as some inspiration to a Father’s Day he won’t forget. And you might also want to leave my book The Simplicity Project  open to a certain section you want him to read. 

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