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    Feet in the Clouds“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

    GRANT: I just finished a great great book.

    VICKY: Oh yeah, which one was it?

    GRANT: Feet in the Clouds: A Tale of Fell-Running and Obsession by Richard Askwith.  It is an amazing book written by a runner/journalist from London who takes on the hills of England and explores the unique culture of Fell Running.

    VICKY: What’s “Fell Running”?

    GRANT: It is a fascinatingly unique type of running that originated in Northern Britain.  It is also known as mountain running or hill running and it is a crazy sport where people run straight up and then straight down a hill or mountain.  Some of the greatest are either famous for their speed of ascents and others are known as “the crazies” for their descents.  It’s difficult to finish a season healthy.

    VICKY: That sounds really cool.  So, you know me, I Googled it!  I found this really cool video of Fell Running in Scotland. Check it out:  Fell Running.

    GRANT: The really neat part of the book is the autobiographical aspect as much of the book revolves around the author’s obsession with completing the “Bob Graham Round” which is a 42 peak challenge that runners try to complete in under 24 hours.

    VICKY: Now that sounds like a challenge. I LOVE these 24 hour challenge races!

    GRANT: Yes, and then some.  It’s 128 kilometers long and over 8 kilometers in altitude plus the orienteering challenge.   This book will hook you.

    VICKY: I should read this.  It’s very timely as you and I have registered for the “Run for the Toad” 25K trail race.  That’s my first major trail race and a huge challenge both physically and emotionally.

    GRANT: More to follow in future posts about our Toad adventure!  For now, just read the book.  It will inspire you for the Toad training.

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