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    physikultMizuno is proud to support Steve Boyd, owner of Physi-Kult running club in Kingston, On and Track & Field coach at Queen’s University.

    Steve’s aim in founding Physi-Kult as a local all-ages running group, and now as a web-based coaching service, has been to share with the broader running community his own passion for life-long, competitive distance running, and to offer some of the expertise he has gained from a life spent in balanced pursuit of maximum personal performance. His experience as both coach and athlete has convinced him that serious, lifelong running can be life-enhancing for anyone, and much more so when the pitfalls of repeated injury and stagnation are avoided.

    Running is most fulfilling when pursued seriously, and for life; but, this is not possible if the bases for long term consistency are not established. As someone who has run at or very near the peak of his abilities continuously from childhood to middle age, he believes he has discovered, through both research and personal experience, many of the bases for successful, long-term participation in the sport.

    For more information on Steve, including a little more on his approach to running, see the “Bio” pages. For ongoing and extended commentaries on running and coaching, see his latest offerings in the “Blog” section. If you think you might be interested in my coaching services, see the details under the “Programs” section.

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