Motivation First Impressions of ECCO BIOM A shoes and the BIOM Walk

First Impressions of ECCO BIOM A shoes and the BIOM Walk


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Jean-Luc Larouche gives us his feedback on the BIOM A shoes for elite runners.

What strikes me most with BIOM A running shoes is not one particular thing, but how well ECCO blended everything together. These are a fine piece of art. The yak leather is a very nice touch. To me, that’s what sets them apart.

Then I put them on! They are more comfortable than slippers! The BOIM A’s are very flexible and light. It felt as though they are molded to the shape of my feet so you don’t feel them at all. Then I went for a run! These are made for fast running. The faster you run, the easier it is and the less you feel you have something strapped to your feet. You don’t even hear them hitting the ground. You can’t get any closer to barefoot running.

Autumn Gardiner writes her first impressions of the ECCO Walk.

It was very exciting to receive my ECCO Walkers! It truly was more exciting than Christmas for me. I had the opportunity to wear them for a full day, with periods of “fast” walking (to/from work). I found the shoe to be very light which surprised me because of the leather uppers. They were also very supportive, despite not having that feeling of having pillows under my feet! I have a heavy step, but felt supported and comfortable all day. Overall first impression: The Walkers are a lightweight shoe that provided lots of support. Very comfortable! Esthetically, the leather uppers kept them from looking like a “runner” per se, and others commented on how nice they were. They aren’t dainty like my spring flats, but they weren’t clunky looking like some runners!

I’m running a half marathon next weekend, so I’m anxious to try these shoes on my recovery day (Monday)! I’m also curious to see how the leather affects my feet as the warmer weather approaches!