Training Five Moves You Can Do Anywhere

Five Moves You Can Do Anywhere


You’ve probably seen it before on a magazine cover or in a website article. The words shout it at you… Short on time? Don’t have time to get to the gym for a workout? Do these exercises at home!!!

In all seriousness you are in charge of your own fitness. If you want to become a better runner you have to make time for strength training but I hear over and over again that getting a gym membership just isn’t worth it because you want to run three or four times a week. I’ve put together 5 exercises that you can do at home, in a park after a run or in a hotel room while traveling. So you really don’t have any excuses about being short on time. I’m also going to give you two ways to do the workout depending on how much time you are going to carve out for yourself.

Promise me you’ll make time for at least one strength workout once a week and I guarantee your run game will get better 🙂 Scout’s Honour!

Tabata Style (otherwise known has high intensity interval training)

Step 1: Download the HIITTimer app on your smartphone

Step 2: Put on gym clothes

Step 3: Press the middle of the app screen to start the timer and start working!

Each Exercise: 20s of work followed by 10s of rest. The 20/10s timer repeats 8 times so each exercise will take you 4 mins to complete. You can rest for 1 min before the next exercise or you can start the next exercise right away.

Total Workout Time: 20-25 mins (depending on if you break between exercises)

Sets & Reps:

Each Exercise: Do 12 repetitions of the exercise. Pause for 30s and repeat for 3 sets. Then start the next exercise.

Total Workout Time: depends on how intense you work through the repetitions and sets.


Exercise 1: Tuck Jump

Start standing, bend your knees slightly to power up into a tuck jump. Knees and quads parallel to the floor. Tap hands on knees before your legs tap back down.


Exercise 2: Donkey Kicks

Start with hands on floor, shoulders over hands, feet together, legs together, knees bent. Jump feet up into the air and try and kick your butt.


Exercise 3: Jump Squats

Start in a squat position, arms in front of you. Knees over feet, butt back so that your quads are parallel with the floor. Jump up, use your arms and swing them down by your sides for momentum. Land softly and lower into squat at the same time.


Exercise 4: Mountain Climbers

Start in a high plank position. Feet together and shoulders over hands. Hands shoulder width apart. Bring one knee forward without arching your back. Switch legs and get faster as you get more comfortable with the motion.


Exercise 5: Plank Jacks

From the high plank position lower yourself down onto your elbows. Simply hold your core tight and jump your feet out and in while holding your plank.