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    Friday, June 20, 2008


    The power of group motivation never ceases to amaze me.

    Friday – Circuit day.
    Sometimes, the trouble with having a coach that has two toddlers and approximately three-hundred other commitments is that she can’t make it to practice. Fridays in the summer are particularly busy for her. I remember totally freaking out inside the first time Carla told us she wasn’t going to make it … but this was more than three years ago now…. Luckily today, due to everything she has and continues to do, I have grown up a great deal, both as an athlete and an individual.

    The workout today consisted of bunch of abdominal work and a few too many metres. Ha! The circuit she had us do works like this – core work – run – core work – run – core work – run – core work – run – hurdle hip mobility. The runs, originally, were supposed to be 200m sprints but yesterday Carla informed me she would like some 400m’s in there too.
    The other two girls working out with me today only had to do 200s, so I thank the running gods that my 400mHurdle workout partner Aaron was there to remind me that running a few extra metres could mean a few milliseconds off our race time. Smart guy!

    There wasn’t anything too pleasant about running today –and I would have loved to have Carla there urging me to push harder – but finishing a workout knowing that we pushed each other through it is brings a different kind of satisfaction.

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