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    Monday, June 23, 2008


    *sniffle – sniffle* *cough * Are you kidding me? A cold!? *sigh* Fantastic!

    I could only manage to get in a half day at work, so I napped for the afternoon, but Carla convinced me to come do a warm up this evening. However she had she had some potentially heart-breaking news to share with the group today.

    We had all recently traveled to Calgary Alberta to compete in the CALTAF classic.

    It was actually my first 400m Hurdle race ever, and I tore it up with a 1.03.9 to take bronze – against girls who have been racing this event outdoors for years! That moment took a seat as my coach explained that due to a miscommunication three of us – Aaron, Amanda and myself – had yet to make Athletics Canada standard which would allow us to go to Nationals.
    Apparently, we were supposed to race that same weekend in Prince Albert, SK and had we gotten first or second at that meet, we would be granted passage – no matter the time. *side note: there were no 400mH races even held at the P.A. meet* (ya, figure that one out).
    Either way, we chose to compete at a different meet and now I personally, am short of the standard by 00.9 seconds.
    Luckily, I race here in Regina this Sunday. One last chance.

    Despite my sickness, I found some added energy today as Aaron and I ran 6 reps of 200m (with 4 minute break intervals) in our flats. I think the burst of speed may have had something to do with the new level of heat the fire lit under my ass just reached!
    No pressure.