at the races From Germany with Love

From Germany with Love


A SaskMarathon International Ambassador shares her love for running the half marathon distance.

With the 2021 SaskMarathon being virtual, we are excited to have runners joining us from all over the world. 36-year-old Edda Galbraith lives in Berlin, Germany, works full-time and will be running the Half Marathon. This week, Edda shared a little about her story and training plan:

Running has always been my happy place. Me time, away from my phone and duties. It’s a way for me to relieve stress when work becomes busy.

I started running in my teenage years – without a goal or proper footwear. In my 20’s, I started to run with more focus and with a goal race. My first goal race was the 10k event at the 2012 SaskMarathon. I quickly learned that a 10K isn’t an easy, just-wake-up-and-do-it distance for me and wanted to become better at it. Since then, the SaskMarathon has become a goal race for me every year to start off race season. I have run countless 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons and one full marathon. The date just works perfect as I am a fair-weather runner.

This year I will run in my new hometown because – hey, I can participate anywhere in the world with the virtual run option! I am very happy I can keep doing what I’ve always done. One constant during these crazy times.

I was looking for some running motivation and my running friends are all back in Canada. Germany is still in a pretty hard lockdown, no run clubs are allowed, so I’ve come to the conclusion to pick amazing routes that will entertain me. And as I am exploring new paths and trails, I always find myself in awe as there is so much to see! Usually I would do out-and-back’s or loops but public transportation is amazing here, meaning I can start running anywhere and hop on a train home when I’m done my distance for the day. Every week for my long run, I’m planning to pass by typical Berlin sights or try one of the many natural areas here. I’m still surprised how green, blue & historic this city is, no wonder it is a hot spot for runners.

My usual training plan for a half marathon requires me to run 3x per week, doing one quicker run, one specific run i.e., hill training and one long run. In between I do cross training with weights and yoga. I am trying to work out every day but am not too hard on myself if that does not work out.

I decided to do my virtual run on the last weekend of May – to keep the tradition going. 

My Instagram handle is @edddda. Follow me to see my progress in training for this year’s #SaskMarathon and my favourite: The Half Marathon distance!

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