Community “I’m really excited to introduce runners to PAX.”

    “I’m really excited to introduce runners to PAX.”


    Tim Pellerin might not look like your typical cannabis executive. Slim, energetic and a veteran of multiple marathons and too many half marathons to count, Pellerin is a longtime veteran of the packaged goods industry and the Nova Scotia Liquor & Cannabis Corporation who became interested in cannabis when PAX Labs contacted him in the summer of 2019. The PAX mission? “Establish cannabis as a force for good.” 

    “We believe in the plant and that from recreational enjoyment to a medicinal role in a patient’s life, cannabis can be a positive influence and so we want to deliver the best, most transparent experience possible,” says Pellerin, who adds that his company, like the Apple of cannabis accessories, offers a superiorly-designed product that can change a user’s opinion of a category. “I know that the cannabis journey can be a scary one, so what attracted me to PAX was the idea of creating a personalized device that can help new users ease their fears and enhance their cannabis enjoyment.” 

    Vaping is a new product category and one that’s been pioneered by the PAX team, which began at Stanford University in 2007 as an attempt to create a combustion and smoke-free system for smoking tobacco that removes the need for combustion. Though illegal vaping has rightly attracted media attention and flavoured-vape products should absolutely not be marketed to children—PAX is part of the movement behind the movement to remove the illicit market and child-friendly packaging from consumers—vaping is arguably an improvement over traditional flame consumption. Vaping, by creating a battery-powered heat source to activate the plant, requires no need to burn the material, which can introduce tars and carcinogens while also losing beneficial cannabinoid (think CBD, THC) and terpene molecules. By vaping instead of traditional smoking, you can cut out the bad molecules and magnify the beneficial properties.

    “Our consumers are looking for transparency, which we welcome, because we want to operate in a regulated environment designed to protect the health of our customers,” says Pellerin, adding that the PAX ERA Pro, the newest PAX device, allows for ‘dose control,’ to ensure a user can ‘start slow and go low,’ the PAX messaging for consumption. “It’s important to PAX, and to me personally, to grow the legal market because we believe that good technology can help a user move along their cannabis journey in a transparent, regulated manner.” 

    For Pellerin, an all-season athlete based in Halifax who actually trained for his first marathon by reading The Complete Guide to Running by Running Room founder John Stanton, the sport has been a gift he’s leaned into over the years.  

    “There’s nothing like the runner’s high and I’ll never forget crossing the finish line of my first marathon, not knowing what to expect and loving the rush of all those people cheering you on,” Pellerin says. “Of course, I respect this community and know what it’s like pursuing a Personal Best and I’m really excited to introduce these runners to PAX. I do believe we offer the best product for both new and seasoned consumers.”