Motivation Gift Guide on the Run: Asics winter Boxers and Briefs

Gift Guide on the Run: Asics winter Boxers and Briefs


Running is beautiful because it requires so little: a decent pair of shoes and some free time and away you go! However, the running world offers loads of bells and whistles to help a runner stay comfortable and (perhaps) get the most from their runs. Also: once some of us start running, we immediately get hooked. Hence the urge to purchase some products. From now until Christmas, iRun editors, running shop owners and iRunNation tell us what they want this year for the holidays—move quick, us runners sure do.

In the cold winter months a runner begins to very seriously consider their underwear. It doesn’t make sense to attempt to race all the way through the winter and not spend an equal amount of time considering comfort. I’ve been test driving both the boxers and the briefs from Asics and have found a no-nonsense solution to dressing up my tights. The difference between chafing and not is a gap wide enough to to get a runner out the door on a December evening.

Briefs, I maintain, hold a slight edge over boxers. They feel more like you’re prepared to get down to serious work. I also have more experience with wind-proof winter running boxer underwear, and I enjoy the novelty of the brief. In moments of running levity, I enjoy prancing around in them and only them, thus reminding myself that this entire endeavour is supposed to be fun. The fit is sublime and the waistband is seamless, it’s entirely possible to forget about the underwear altogether once a runner takes their first strides around the block.

In truly sub-arctic weather, the boxers come more recommended than the briefs. And if you’re purchasing only one stocking stuffer for the male runner on your list, the boxer is probably more versatile. In a pinch, they can also be worn on the town. The Asics briefs are relatively short and snug the body comfortably. There’s no bunching beneath the tights and the fit is good. With both the boxers and briefs, holiday binge-eating is somewhat covered up by the Spandex, yet modelling underwear is as good a time as any to check out on your relative health. Not much is covered by a pair of Asics winter running briefs.

In short, the Asics boxers are $30 and the briefs are $20 and they really elevate a winter running outfit to an exciting new place. You can have the best sneakers in the world and the wrong underwear and be in a world of hurt when you hit the streets. To really get into the spirit of winter, you need to get outside and test what you’ve got. This winter, I’ll be wearing my Asics underwear as often as possible. There’s also meshed panels for breathability and, of course, since somebody out there is thinking, odour control. Enjoy.