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    Goal Setting


    By: Magi Scallion

    It’s the time of year for goal setting, although they’re commonly called “resolutions” at this time of year. While we’re all looking to make a positive change in our lives, and have set January 1 as the time to start practicing, it’s really important to set manageable goals/resolutions that you can actually achieve.

    If you set goals that are far from your current daily state, then you are likely setting yourself up for failure, unless you have a strong action plan by which to achieve them.

    Let’s say, for example, you are fitness fan and run up to 5 km a few days a week (that’s 30 minutes or so), and you want to run an ultra-marathon this year. This is a pretty significant goal to reach from your current state and you can’t just start throwing down multi-hour runs on your weekends to reach it. As many runners know, you’ve got to set a training plan that incorporates gradual increases in mileage with rest phases so that you don’t get injured or disheartened. You want to succeed and have positive feedback!

    What this is a running example, the same applies to other resolutions as well – say you want to stop eating sugar, become a vegetarian/vegan, or simply spend more time with your family. You’re probably going to have difficulty going “cold turkey” or making a whopping change in a day or week. Set yourself achievable goals and milestones, that include a gradual decrease or increase in your habits or behaviours.

    I don’t really set “resolutions” for myself on January 1, as I find it difficult to conform to the calendar year. I have, however, set a goal for this year, perhaps next, which is to pursue a more dedicated study of Yoga – perhaps even teacher training to deepen my practice. This should compliment my fanatic running and skiing as my body ages by providing both strength and flexibility.

    Best of luck with all of your New Year Goals!


    Born in Nova Scotia and emigrating to British Columbia via Ontario and Alberta, Magi has been running the entire way. Primarily defined as a cross country ski racer, Magi has competed nationally and internationally in that sport. The highlight of her career was competing in the World University Games and the World Cup races in Canada in 2007. Cross country skiers rely heavily on running for cross training and Magi has become an accomplished trail and mountain runner, representing Canada at the World Mountain Running Championships in 2005 and the winning numerous national championships medals.

    Today Magi runs for fun… and it’s a lot of fun! Epic mountain runs, city cruises with friends, and more keep her happy and occupied outside of work and school.