No Category selected Stand out in 2014 – New Year’s resolutions that stick

    Stand out in 2014 – New Year’s resolutions that stick


    454031471Happy New Year, iRunNation!  The start of a new year brings with it the excitement and anticipation of a renewed opportunity to achieve goals, PB’s and be better than ever.  There is a sense of hope and determination in the air with many vowing that this will be the year they “stand out”, the year they “get it done!”

    However, statistics paint a different picture.  Approximately 50% of goals set are related to personal growth, fitness and nutrition. Of those who do set a goal, fewer than 8% achieve it.  At iRun, we want greater odds than this for you so here are my top 3 “advanced” tips to give you a head start in 2014:

    1. Laser Focus

    Focus on one and only one goal at a time.  Pick the one component that you believe will have the greatest impact on your health, well-being or running right now. It could be training for your first 5K, losing some unwanted winter weight, going for a PB in time or distance.  Whatever it is, maintain your focus on this and build everything else you do around it.  For example, you cannot train for performance and weight loss at the same time.  So what do you do? Pick the one which is most important for you now and achieve that first.  Once accomplished, move onto your next goal.  This is how you create lasting success: inch by inch, one step at a time.

    2. A Supersized Why

    Once you’ve established your goal, your number one priority, you need to identify your “why.”  How will your life be different when you achieve this goal? Why is it so important to you?  Your why needs to be super strong, it needs to pull you like a magnet toward your goal because achieving it is not only incredibly desirable to you, it is a must have!  If you do not have this incredible passion, as soon as obstacles start showing up – and they will – it is too easy to throw in the towel at the earliest opportunity.  A tip on identifying your why: your first response is seldom the real why. So dig deep and figure out the true and authentic reason you must achieve this goal.

    3. Toward Reward

    Your goal is likely going to take some time to achieve and keeping your motivation and commitment strong over the long haul is challenging for the strongest of wills.  So in addition to the end reward of achieving your goal, give yourself some additional incentives along the way.  They could be anything from new running gear, getting a new gadget, a massage – make them worth “fighting” for and tie them into mini achievements along the way.  It will make your journey so much more fun, which in itself  will help ensure you maintain your commitment.

    As you start your awesome journey towards success in 2014, share your goal, your why and your rewards with iRunNation to both inspire and be inspired – a win-win for everyone!

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