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    I set myself a little goal last week: six runs in two weeks. No biggie, but things have been so busy (and consiquently I’ve been so tired) that I needed something to help me stay on track. (I use the Nike+ system, so everything’s recorded online by my watch.)

    This morning was scheduled to be run number four. Except… it was really windy. I told myself to bring my gym bag with me and decide about running once I got to school. As I steered the car out of the daycare parking lot and realized I was running later than usual, I heaved a heavy sigh. to run or not to run. Busy weekends mean the only day I can get one in is Sunday, and it’s supposed to rain all weekend.

    I parked the car an hour before my scheduled meeting, hurried to the gym and changed into my running gear. Just ten minutes out, I told myself, and if it’s too cold or windy or hard then you can turn around. The age old wisdom.

    Into the park and through narrow trails, I didn’t even check my watch until 15 minutes into the run. My legs were heavy and my body was tired and my 5k took me four minutes longer than it did a few days ago (I chalked it up to the many hills and muscle fatigue), but I did it.

    Even though I did arrive at my meeting with hair wet from the shower and face still flushed.

    There is definately something to this Goal Setting.


    1. Thanks for the reality check. As a parent of 3 little girls and a fulltime carpenter, it is hard t okeep going some weeks. your thoughts have echoed my sentiments, and i always feel better after a run!
      keep it up and thanks again.

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