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    “I just wish people would realize that anything’s possible if you try; dreams are made possible if you try.”

    Terry Fox


    VICKY: Wow this is one great book.

    GRANT: You said it.  I am loving this so far.

    VICKY: What stands out the most for you?

    GRANT: Just how inspiring he is.  How crazy he was, just to have such a big dream and go for it.  Its beautiful to consider.  I wish I had half the courage.

    VICKY: Me too.

    GRANT: Terry’s story cannot help but have an impact on your life.  It makes you reconsider who you are.  What is your commitment and engagement with life?  How much further we all have to go to be selfless and care about other people?

    VICKY: It’s humbling.

    GRANT: Yeah.  That is the thing about Terry’s impact.  It cuts both ways.  On the one hand you are inspired by what he accomplished.  On the other hand you can’t help but look at your own life and think – how pathetic.  I’ve never and will never accomplish anything as magnificent as he accomplished, even if I live four times as long.  How depressing.

    VICKY: Yes well you have to play the cards you were dealt with in this life and that is one of the noblest things about Terry’s life.  He appeared not to have spent much time getting down about what happened to him.  He just absorbed it and lived with it. In some way, I wish everyone could just find the same strength to accept what is happening in their lives and to find something positive out of it.  I dare you all to sit back for a minute and find one positive thing about the crappiest part of your life. You’ll find that it’s there, if you choose to open your eyes and look.

    GRANT: Yeah.  The greatest people are like that.  In our own lives we know people who are confronted by tragedy, disability etc.  I can think of some people.

    VICKY: As can I.  Cancer struck three of the most important people in my life in the last year, including both my mother and father. I witnessed first hand the courage, determination and refusal to be intimidated by this horrible disease.  Thank gawd we all have a sense of humour in my family otherwise, it would have made these ordeals a lot worse. I can attest to the fact that true strength is often found within your mind and not your muscles.

    GRANT: I agree 100%. We are surrounded by inspiring people in each of our lives.  This is why this book is so great. It’s very simply written.  It tells a great story.  Perhaps from a more intimate perspective that you may have heard before.  We encourage everyone to read it!

    VICKY:  We also wanted to say….Hey Vancouver! Rename your airport will ya? Check out Endorphin Junkie’s blog. She talks about the following:

    “There’s a new petition to rename Vancouver International Airport for Port Coquitlam native and Canadian hero, Terry Fox.”

    GRANT: Why not?  I’d also rename Stanley Park while they are at it.  Terrance Stanley Fox Park.  Who the hell is Stanley by the way?

    VICKY: Lord Stanley was a Governor General of Canada from 1888 to 1893.  He also donated this small trophy to a hockey tournament…you might have heard of it before…the Stanley Cup!

    GRANT: Geek. How do you know this stuff?

    VICKY: I was a tour guide at Rideau Hall the Governor General of Canada’s residence when I was in university.

    GRANT: Well, no offence to Governor Generals, but nobody knows who this person is or why they have one of the most beautiful parks in the entire world named after them.   Rename the airport.  Rename the Park.  Look Canada, it’s not like we have a million famous heroes.  We may as well celebrate the ones we do have.

    VICKY: What do you folks think about renaming the Vancouver International Airport?

    GRANT: And Stanley Park?

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