Racing Have You Heard: Santa’s Race Needs Your Help

    Have You Heard: Santa’s Race Needs Your Help


    As we all know race day is about so more than about runners crossing finish lines. Its about runners building community, developing healthy lifestyles and supporting one another. Burlington Ontario’s Santa Race, is a 5K event that hits each of those marks, cheering crowds, creating a sense of community and promoting healthy living. So when we found out the 2018 Santa Race need a little extra support behind it, we wanted to get the word out to our iRun community. If you’ve ever participated in this event, you know the incredible experience that it is. For race directors Mark and Kelly Arnott, it’s an event that gives the city of Burlington an opportunity to shine, brining more then 2,000 race parcitipants tot he city each year. Please click here for a survey indicating your support for the race to be held on a Saturday in December. And if you’ve never run the Santa 5K in Burlington, you can learn more about the event and offer your support too. From start to finish, it’s a most wonderful season for runners.