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10 Reasons Why You Should Run the SSQ Quebec City Marathon, a healthy invitation from Brunet


Reasons to run in Quebec’s capital are numerous. Considering that, event producer Gestev decided to review the SSQ Quebec City Marathon’s course, formerly on both sides of the St. Lawrence River, and to trace 42.2K directly in the middle of Quebec City. If being part of the first edition of the brand-new course has not convinced you yet to sign up for the event taking place October 12th to 14th, here are 10 reasons why you should be part of the SSQ Quebec City Marathon.

1. To see Quebec’s best attractions in one run

Imagine seeing the Château Frontenac, Place Royale, the plains of Abraham, the Old Port, the fortifications, the Parliament Building, and much more, all that, in only one run. This is what awaits the participants of the 42.2K and the half-marathon of the SSQ Quebec City Marathon.

2. Because Quebec’s scenery in fall is to die for

If you have never experienced Quebec City during Fall, this is your chance. The city is famous for its wide green spaces. When they turn red/orange/yellow, it brings magic to the scenery.

3.For a weekend with the family

If you are looking for an occasion to get sporty with the kids, you will be pleased with the SSQ Quebec City Marathon’s program. The SSQ Health 5K and the Kids Race 2K both taking place on Saturday October 13th are perfect for grandparents, parents and children looking to put on their running shoes together.

4.To qualify for Boston

The Association of International Marathons and Road Races (AIMS) accredits the SSQ Quebec City Marathon. Therefore, times achieved at this event are accepted as qualifying times for the Boston Marathon.

5.To be moved by music and cheering

A brand-new energy and vibe will come with the marathon’s new course. About thirty music and animation stations will be spread out along the 42.2K to entertain spectators and bring motivation to the thousands of participants.

6.Because Fall’s weather is perfect for long distance runs

Let’s be honest here. The outside temperature has a serious impact on your running performance. Average weather in October in Quebec City is about 15˚ Celsius, runners’ favorite forecast.

7.To release stress before your race with the SSQ Fit+Yoga

New this year! The SSQ Fit+Yoga will kick off the marathon’s weekend on Friday night, October 12th. A big outdoor yoga session combining a 30 minutes fitness training and a 30 minutes Vinyasa flow will be held in the middle of the city, gathering hundreds of yoga aficionados and runners looking for a pre-run stretching. Live DJ music, free drinks and more surprises await the participants.

8.To be part of the first ever edition of the new course

You want to be part of the new course’s history? Sign up and be among the firsts to ever cross the finish line!

9.To run in the middle of one of the UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites

The Historic District of Old Québec is the product of more than four centuries of history. Quebec City is the only North American city to have preserved its ramparts, together with the numerous bastions, gates and defensive works. Because of it’s authenticity and history, it is considered as one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

10.Because Quebeckers are friendly, welcoming and festive

Everyone who traveled to Quebec City will agree to say that Quebeckers are very welcoming and friendly. Imagine thousands of them out in the streets to cheer you up as you are crossing the finish line… Big adrenaline rush and thrill guaranteed!

So, you want to be part of the celebration this October 12-14th ? Choose your race among the SSQ Quebec City Marathon, a healthy invitation from Brunet’s five distances and make sure you pack your running shoes.


  1. I’ve signed up already. Having done the Marathon des Deux Rives in August 2014, I knew I would like to run a marathon in beautiful, historic Quebec City again, but the fact that it’s taking place in a cooler month and is a brand new route made me decide to register for this year’s event. Looking forward to it!!

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